Disruptive Thinking

“The modern rule of competition is whoever learns fastest, wins.”
— Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations

In a society so fast­-paced that it has become normal to think outside the box, the quickest way to kill a good idea is to conform to common sense.

Let’s discuss the ways in which businesses and organizations can think disruptively and utilize new technologies on their mission to change the world.




Don't Care





On the Agenda


Creativity is at the core of disruptive thinking. How can organizations harness creativity to imagine the seemingly impossible?


When used correctly, technology can be a catalyst. How can industries maximize technology in order to fulfill short-term and long-term goals?


With the turnover of ideas churning faster than ever, how can we innovate purposefully to change the rules of the game?

Nation Building

Creativity, technology, and innovation come hand in hand with social responsibility. How can we use disruptive thinking to create a better world?

Game Changers

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Yuri Van Geest

Keynote Speaker

Co-author, Exponential Organizations

Peng T. Ong

Managing Director

Monk's Hill Ventures

Inanc Balci

Co-Founder and CEO


Eric Cruz

Executive Creative Director

AKQA Shanghai

Rishi Jaitly

Vice President

Twitter Asia Pacific and Middle East

Simon Kemp

Marketing Strategist

We Are Social

Ken Lingan

Country Manager


Mitch Locsin

Vice President & Head


Paolo Mercado

SVP Marketing, Communication & Innovation

Nestlé Philippines

Nix Nolledo

President, Chairman, and Partner


Maria Ressa

CEO & Executive Editor


Paul Rivera

CEO and Founder


Angelo Umali

CEO and Founder

Simple Wearables

Alice Wei

Head of Product Partnerships

Facebook Southeast Asia, Singapore

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Why #ThinkPH

In his book Exponential Organizations, Salim Ismail notes the tendency for larger and older companies to resist change. In the age of big data and disruption where new organizations are capable of rapid, exponential growth, stagnancy is the biggest risk for any business.

In a world where everyone is racing to discover the next big idea, how can your business stay relevant?

This July, we are gathering local and international experts who are noted “disruptors” in their respective fields. This includes the likes of Filipino tech billionaire Nix Nolledo, renowned SEA marketing strategist Simon Kemp, and multi-award winning creative director Eric Cruz.

From this roster of speakers, learn about the “new disruption” and understand which basic concepts your business or company needs to thrive and be dynamic.

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