‘The Filipino spirit is waterproof’

I don't even remember when I last saw the sun. But I know that despite non-stop rains, a brighter tomorrow is on the horizon, and I can wait, because I am waterproof.

MANILA, Philippines – It’s been a couple of weeks since most of us have seen the sun. 

12 days to be exact, since Typhoon Gener hit the Philippines, bringing with it scattered rainshowers and a cover of grey skies that have turned this metropolis into a dreary, dark city reminiscent of Gotham. Ironically the typhoon didn’t leave as big a mark as these monsoon rains have. Ravaging through Metro Manila and parts of Northern Luzon, the southwest monsoon, locally referred to as “Habagat“, has brought with it non-stop rains that caused massive flooding. The damage to life, property, agriculture and infrastructure is staggering. 

But despite this sad turn of events, Filipinos have remained positve, banding together, and using the Internet to organize relief and rescue operations, proof that the “bayanihan” spirit is alive and well. Filipinos have also have turned to social media both as an outlet to promote hope and as a platform for comic relief.


On Tuesday night, August 7, while rains showed no signs of abating, the Ayala Museum sent out this one line message of encouragement on Twitter, “The Filipino spirit is waterproof.” While short and sweet, there really is no better way to describe the resilience of the Filipino people. The online community immediately latched on to the idea and began sending in submissions to the Musem’s call out for inspiring art work. 

Here are some of my favorites:

I love the simplicity of this one by @_JaoJavier. There isn’t much going on, just a water droplet, a map, and the message. It’s the one I’d probably hang in my room if it were available as a poster. Hint, hint.

This one by @KATR1A has made the rounds of Facebook. Love the effect that mimics the splashes of paint to represent the Philippine flag.  

This one by @psychopathetic is a bit playfull, reminds me of kids swimming in flood waters, a familiar scene during typhoon/flood season. This scene is a great example of the unique ability of Pinoys to focus on the positive, even in the middle of overwhelmingly difficult situations.   

There’s a bit of humor in this nationalistic nod to Jose Rizal by @nomnompewpew. Am sure Rizal would agree with the slogan.

I chose to end with this one by @ivyhazel because of the sun up top. I look out my window right now, and all I see are grey clouds, but I know the sun will come out tomorrow, if not the day after. It’s this hope of a brighter tomorrow that keeps me going. That’s probably the Filipino in me speaking, I’m sure it’s also what keeps the rest of the country going in dark times such as this one. Hope, that tomorrow will be better. – Rappler.com

View the entire collection on the Tumblr page setup to host submissions. So far we count 57 in all. To send in your designs, just tag @ayalamuseum on Twitter

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