VIRAL: Video of men firing weapons indiscriminately sparks outcry
VIRAL: Video of men firing weapons indiscriminately sparks outcry
A video of several men posing and firing an automatic rifle draws the ire of netizens, and brings the question of gun control into focus

MANILA, Philippines – While the Philippine National Police (PNP) was cracking down on cases of illegal discharge of firearms, other people decided to flaunt their weapons online. 

Posts on Facebook showed people firing indiscriminately. Caught on camera, these were then shared and made viral. Many reacted in surprise and anger.

One example was a video shared by Aris Natividad, who posted a video of several men firing an automatic rifle into the air.


Grabe! hindi man lang nila naisip na baka may tamaan silang mga inosenteng tao, hindi ba nila alam na bawal magpaputok…

Posted by Aris Natividad on Saturday, 2 January 2016

The original, which Natividad said he got from Edgardo Quinit, showed the men passing around the weapon and also reloading it. One of them was shooting it while another was waving the gun’s clip.

Natividad’s post was shared more than 26,000 times and drew at least 2,059 reactions.


Netizens said the men were being irresponsible. One user, Mik Pab, asked: “Is it legal to have those kind of guns if you’re an ordinary citizen? 

Senator Grace Poe, chair of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Drugs, issued a statement saying people who flaunt firing their weapons should be arrested.

“Time and again, people have made a woeful excuse of merry-making during New Year just to satisfy their desires to fire their weapons. This has to stop,” Poe said. “Innocent people die from such irresponsible, insensitive and unlawful acts.”

Poe, a presidential candidate, reacted to videos similar to Natividad’s which show indiscriminate firing. She urged the police to take further action against these acts, saying: “We have to show we are really sincere in stopping the irresponsible use of
firearms. These weapons are meant to protect not kill civilians.”

On December 25, 2015, a stray bullet killed a 9-year-old girl in Bulacan. She was hit on the back while she was outside her home. The bullet tore her kidney and spleen.

Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Janette Garin strongly condemned the girl’s death and said it would have been avoided had gun owners been responsible.

The DOH also listed 4 injuries due to stray bullets. 

Is gun control enough? 

Filipinos have held gun control suspect, particularly during the New Year period when stray bullet cases are in focus. 

In 2013, Stephanie Nicole Ella was also killed by a stray bullet. The public was divided at the time, with many saying a ban would help, but stricter gun control measures were needed to stop the black market. (READ: Can a gun ban prevent another Nicole shooting?)

Politicians have proposed gun bans, but there is little headway on the matter. In the past, they they have been divided over the issue. (READ: Want to own a gun? Here’s how easy it is)

Vice President Jejomar Binay, himself a presidential candidate, also expressed his support for a total gun ban in 2013. – Bea Orante/

What are your thoughts on gun control in the country? Have you seen any incidents of indiscriminate firing? Tell us on X!

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