VIRAL: Nursing student becomes good samaritan
VIRAL: Nursing student becomes good samaritan
She is now getting praise for her good deed!

MANILA, Philippines – When Marvs Rojas’ father was hit by a jeep, a nursing student who was passing through did not think twice about helping the man. 

Both Rojas and his brother were away at the time, so neither could help their father, Rojas said. 

The incident was captured in a photo Rojas uploaded on his Facebook account. The picture showed the student pressing a piece of cloth on Rojas’ father’s head. 


My gratitude and my habang buhay na pasasalamat sa iyo Ate. I hope makilala kita to thank you personally. This…

Posted by Marvs Rojas on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

After the incident, Rojas’ father received stitches, but will still need another check up, according to Rojas. 

Rojas and his brother, Patrick, expressed their gratitude to the student. 

The incident was reported to the police, and the driver paid for the medical expenses. 

Comments on Rojas’ post thanked the student and praised her for helping a stranger. 

First aid for head trauma 

The United States National Library of Medicine advises the following steps for treating head trauma:

  • Check the person’s breathing, and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if needed.
  • If breathing and heart rate are normal, but the patient is unconscious, stabilize the head and neck while waiting for medical help.
  • Press a piece of clean cloth to the person’s head to stop any bleeding, but avoid moving the person’s head if the injury is serious.
  • If you suspect a skull fracture, do not apply direct pressure to the head. Instead, cover the wound with sterile gauze dressing.
  • To prevent choking, roll the person’s head, neck, and body as one unit to one side. Always assume you need to protect the spine.
  • Place ice packs on swollen areas. 

Serious head injuries must be treated in a hospital, but mild injuries still need to be monitored. – Bea Orante/

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