Stories of kindness, perseverance inspire Filipinos
Stories of kindness, perseverance inspire Filipinos
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MANILA, Philippines – Need a dose of inspiration?

MovePH, Rappler’s citizen journalism and civic engagement arm, reported stories people shared on social media, which inspired people throughout the week.

From a nursing student putting her knowledge to good use to stories of honest work from a traffic enforcer, policeman, and taxi driver, these people show the smallest acts can do a great amount of good.

1. The nursing student-turned-good samaritan

Marvs Rojas posted a photo of a nursing student on Friday, February 5. It showed a nursing student assisting his father after a jeep hit him. Rojas’ father sustained some head trauma and needed stitches. Luckily, the student was passing by and was able to attend to him.

After the post went viral, the Rojas family was able to find the student, Ace Cancino.

2. The Licensure Exam for Teachers topnotcher who overcame poverty

Iah Bantang Seraspi really wanted to be a teacher. Because of this, she decided nothing would stop her from realizing her dreams.

Her speech during the testimonial dinner in honor of her went viral because it described the hardships she overcame. The topnotcher persevered, overcoming the challenge of being a working student who at times lacked proper nourishment.

‘Di man nila makikita ang laman ng tiyan ko, but they will definitely see the capacity of my brains,” Seraspi said. (People may not see what’s inside my stomach, but they will definitely see the capacity of my brains.)

3. The traffic enforcer who stood his ground against a driver who name-dropped

A video posted by Lenard Bernardo on Facebook shows a traffic enforcer apprehending a public utility vehicle near the border of Pasig City and the municipality of Cainta.

The enforcer advised the motorist he was seen loading passengers in an area that was not a loading and unloading zone. (READ: VIRAL: Traffic enforcer stands ground vs. name-dropping driver)

The motorist was unrelenting and insisted he was associated with a Philippine senator. He also offered the traffic enforcer a bribe, but the officer refused.

4. The policeman who impressed passengers

Allen Joseph Macario, in a Facebook post, featured a policeman who did not throw his position around when he rode a jeepney on his way home.

The policeman boarded a jeep, but there was no longer any room for him, so he decided to hang on the back first. When the officer was seated, he paid for his fare and that of an elderly passenger’s.

5. The taxi driver who earned passenger’s trust

Jojo Pascual was initially skeptical of the taxi he rode because it was taking an unfamiliar route. Sensing his wariness, the driver assured him he was taking a shortcut to avoid traffic.


#TaxiDriverManilaWe took a cab from Manila to Ortigas early this afternoon and when the cab suddenly turned to a…

Posted by Jojo Pascual on Monday, 15 September 2014

The driver then offered Pascual snacks found in the back seat, and explained it was so passengers would enjoy their time in his cab.

6. The taxi driver who returned a passenger’s lost phone

When Paulo Gabriel Flores dropped his phone, he thought he lost it for good. Luckily for him, a taxi driver found it on the street.


I dropped my phone somewhere in Dela Rosa this morning and I didn’t notice until i got to our office building. When I…

Posted by Paolo Gabriel Flores on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The driver, Roger, responded to Flores’ call and they set up a meeting so Roger could return the phone. Flores tried to offer Roger a token of appreciation, but Roger declined.

As of posting, Flores has yet to find Roger or the taxi operator. He said he hoped his post would reach as many people so he could contact Roger and the operator.

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