#OFWTips: Are you financially literate? Take this quiz!

Don Kevin Hapal
The first step to reaching your financial goals is to know where you are

MANILA, Philippines – The first step to reaching your financial goals is to know where you are.

Vince Rapisura, president of Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc., introduced a personal financial diagnostic test in his book entitled (L)earning Wealth: Successful Strategies in Money Management. 

The test aims to describe a person’s financial practices and provide a rating scale to help you determine whether or not they are good practices. 

According to Vince, this self-diagnostic test is not meant to extensively measure your financial status but gives an idea of which spectrum of personal practices you generally belong to – from very high personal finance practice to very poor.

Are you financially literate? Find out here:



To help even more OFWs and young professionals manage their finances better, SEDPI produces weekly webisodes featuring Vince Rapisura and beauty queen Venus Raj entitled #UsapangPera.

The fifth episode, to be released on Friday, August 26 at 7 pm, will also be talking about this financial self-test. Bookmark this page and watch it here on Rappler! – Rappler.com

SEDPI is a Philippine-based capacity-builder in the fields of microfinance, social entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Learn more about them here.

Got questions for SEDPI about managing your finances? Email us at balikbayan@rappler.com.

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Don Kevin Hapal

Don Kevin Hapal is Rappler’s Head of Data and Innovation. He started at Rappler as a digital communications specialist, then went on to lead Rappler’s Balikbayan section for overseas Filipinos. He was introduced to data journalism while writing and researching about social media, disinformation, and propaganda.