4 creative, inspiring workspaces by millennials

Danna Peña
4 creative, inspiring workspaces by millennials

LeAnne Jazul

These dynamic offices are built for collaboration, flexibility, and fun

MANILA, Philippines – The look of workspaces today are evolving, and companies should constantly keep up.

Collaboration, flexibility, and spaces for creativity are key to keeping millennials engaged and productive at work. Thus, office spaces should not only be conducive to productivity, but should be optimal for the worker’s well-being, too. 

A hammock in the office for power naps? Open layout spaces that allow you to freely seat yourself wherever you wish? Or how about an endorphin-filled fitness studio that your energetic millennial can break a sweat in and earn a living from as well? These workspaces may seem out of this world a decade ago, but they are now quickly being accepted as the norm of today’s work life.

Here are 4 innovative and stylish workspaces in Manila that you may find your typical millennial rounding the clock in. 

A space for collaboration: Launchgarage 

Launchgarage is a startup for startups. A co-working space that boasts of spacious corridors, snug rooms, and comfortable sofas, it caters to a number of dynamic startups who are out make a difference. This hub of creative energy is a place where founders can connect, ideate, and collaborate with like-minded innovators.

“I don’t think we have a normal day in Launchgarage,” says Vance Ching, Community Hacker of Launchgarage. When asked on what he thinks is the most satisfying thing about his job, his answer is: “I am able to meet people from different backgrounds. I constantly learn new things everyday by simply talking to people.”

What do you do as a Community Hacker in Launchgarage?

As the Community Hacker, my main role is to constantly be on the lookout for new and innovative tech startups in the Philippines. I meet with different startups, asking what their startups need. For example: investors, corporate partners, mentoring, etc. From there, I connect the startups that join our community to our networks of investors and other resources that would help out the startup. But besides looking for startups, I also help out in managing our co-working space and at the same time building the community of Launchgarage.

What’s a normal day like in Launchgarage?

I don’t think we have a normal day in Launchgarage. For the work environment though, Launchgarage is actually a very conducive place if you need a place to work. Everything you need to work is already provided in the space. 

Here in Launchgarage, everyone almost knows one another. We want to cultivate a sense of community in Launchgarage wherein you’re able to just talk to anyone and collaborate with one another. Everyone in Launchgarage comes from different backgrounds but the people and startups in Launchgarage are approachable and open.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

I think that the most satisfying thing about my job is that I am able to meet people from different backgrounds and the different learnings that I get. People talk about stories on their life, work and etc. I also learn a lot by just talking to the people that I meet inside and outside of Launchgarage. There are so many things to talk about that sometimes I get overwhelmed with the ideas and stories that I get. Nevertheless, I constantly learn new things everyday by simply talking to people.

A space with good design for good design: Canva

Canva is an online graphic design platform. From presentations to social media graphics to thousands of aesthetically pleasing layouts, Canva is focused on making great design for every need accessible for everyone – and that philosophy is reflected in their colorful workspace.

“Most of the people in the office are very young, early to late twenties, and that contributes to the vibe of the office, I think. Lots of laughter in the office,” graphic designer Kim Tomacruz shares. “Work-life balance is a huge priority. We never take work home.”

What’s a normal day like at Canva?

When we arrive in the morning, we usually head straight to the pantry to have breakfast together. After that we work until our chef rings the lunch bell (which is usually at 12:00 pm). Lunch goes on for an hour then we continue to work until 4:00 pm. 

The work environment is very casual and relaxed. You can usually find people working on beanbags or at standing desks. And we even have a twist car to get around the office. (I have rubber shoes with wheels on them to get around, too.) 

How do you de-stress in the office? What’s your favorite part of the office?

Personally, I de-stress by talking to my co-workers. They’re loads of fun to chat with! My favorite part of the office is my desk – it’s all the way towards the end of the office (near our design corner) and it’s beside the window. Lots of sunshine, which I love. 

A space for the adrenaline junkie: Electric Studio

Love. Sweat. Gratitude.

The glowing light of these three words welcome you as you enter the studio, which is set ablaze with infectious beats and an energetic ambiance once a class starts. Taking an indoor cycling class at Electric Studio offers you a unique, full-body fitness experience by making use of choreography and weights, which will satisfy your need to break a sweat, clear your mind, and strengthen the body and spirit.

Electric Studio doesn’t offer just that – with its ever-accommodating and motivational staff made up of both millennials and Generation X-ers, you’re sure to gain friends and find family along the ride.

“The moment you step inside the studio, you instantly feel a feeling of belongingness,” Pia Lopa, part-time Instructor and full time Manager of Electric Studio, shares. “It is a place where everyone can simply be themselves. Electric is a place for everyone – regardless of your age, sex, or background.”

What’s your job position in Electric Studio and what kind of classes do you teach?

I am a part time Electric Studio Instructor and a full time Manager.

I teach all our indoor cycling classes which range from – Pure Electric (our signature 45 minute ride, Power Hour (our 60 minute ride), Electric Endurance (our 90 minute ride) to Jumpstart (our 101 class). On top of this, I also teach themed classes where we showcase specific artists or music genres plus private rides.

On top of being an instructor, I am also a Manger at Electric, which involves overseeing day-to-day operations at both our studios.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Electric is the perfect place for me, as I always need to be moving and on the go versus being chained to a desk. I need an environment where I can think freely and provide my opinions without fear of hierarchy. Electric has a culture where everyone on the team has a seat at the table because we all feel ownership of seeing the studio progress. Because of the diversity of the team, I continuously learn from all the brainstorming sessions we have and even the everyday conversations we have amongst each other.

As an instructor, my rides are different from all the rest. Each instructor is different because we never have to be someone different when we are on the podium. By being ourselves, we connect and create a bond with riders and have a lot of fun while doing it.

I’ve worked at Electric for 14 months and I can honestly say that I love what I do and I love everything about my job. I now understand the saying that “if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. I am grateful to be able to work in an environment filled with positivity and one where I can truly be myself. We treat each other like family and we accept each other for who we are.

A space for working hard and playing hard: NuWorks Interactive Labs

A cursory online search of the coolest offices in Manila will always yield lists that include NuWorks Interactive Labs. As an innovations agency that focuses on “Storyteching” (or what they call their creative philosophy of telling and moving human stories through creative technology), the office is home to every millennial’s workspace dreams. Swings, a hammock, a telephone booth for personal calls, scooters, an arcade game with hundreds of old school games, a studio for jamming – this workspace mixes work and play on a whole new level.

“Aesthetically, I love how every part of the office was well-thought of in terms of how it’s meant to be used,” Client Services Director Pat Bautista shares. On what she finds most satisfying about her job, she shares: “The final output of the work itself is extremely satisfying, but above it all, it’s really being able to work with brilliant people, both our clients and the people within the agency. Seeing people grow in their careers and become successful is also one of the most satisfying parts of the job for me.”

What’s a normal day like at NuWorks?

There’s a great energy in our work environment. It’s hard to describe, but I would say that you can just feel it when you enter. Aesthetically, I love how every part of the office was well-thought of in terms of how it’s meant to be used. Emotionally, it’s really an encouraging, collaborative, and positive culture that motivates me to constantly learn, evolve, and innovate. People are brilliant but approachable and generous with knowledge.

How do you de-stress in the office? What’s your favourite part of the office?

I de-stress by going to the more quiet spots in the office – the PIT or the Library in the Pantry. My role requires a lot of social interactions, so it’s nice to get some alone time also. I also de-stress by just talking to my besties in the office; often times it’s still work-related talk, but we enjoy it. My favorite spot is the pantry because of how it can transform. Sometimes we have our serious company-wide talks, then we also have our parties where we get to know the different people in the office. Agility is not only a value in our people but in our #NuWorkSpace, too!

Just as the global trends of millennial workspaces evolve, these local offices do the job of keeping employees inspired and productive.

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