#NotOnMyWatch trends in Cebu City

#NotOnMyWatch trends in Cebu City
Cebuanos pledge to fight corruption – whether big or small. Join the campaign and share your personal pledge using #NotOnMyWatch!

CEBU CITY, Philippines – On Friday, October 15, the hashtag #NotOnMyWatch topped trending topics on Twitter in Cebu City. It also ranked second nationwide.

What is it all about?

MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, held the first #NotOnMyWatch caravan in the Queen City of the South at the University of Southern Philippines-Foundation. This was attended by at least 400 students, youth organizations, and non-governmental organizations around Cebu province.  

#NotOnMyWatch is a campaign that harnesses technology and the wisdom of the crowd to encourage good governance and fight corruption. It aims to organize reports and visualize them real-time to show the public where corruption occurs most frequently and what form they usually take.

During the forum, panelists tackled the many faces of corruption in various local government agencies. (READ: #NotOnMyWatch Cebu: Improper use of time, money is corruption)

Addressing the corruption issue that has long plagued the different agencies of government, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa challenged the audience to examine their own values. 

“What you do in social media has an impact in your world,” she added.

Rappler Research and Content Strategist Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza echoed Ressa and reminded the audience that fighting corruption “is not just the business of the government.” It involves everyone. 

Responding to the challenge, Cebuanos posted their personal pledges to fight forms of corruption – whether big or small – online. Collectively, their pledges pushed the issue to Twitter’s top trending topics.

Here are some of the pledges made by Cebuanos:

The #NotOnMyWatch caravan will be going to different provinces around the country to reach more students, NGOs, and people’s organizations that share the same desire to encourage good governance and fight corruption. – Rappler.com

How can we fight corruption? You can share your thoughts on X! 


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