Mind the gap

Oscar Quiambao

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Mind the gap
We lost. They won. Live with it. It's their turn.

Wake up call!

If there is someone who should be on the streets burning an effigy of Donald Trump, it should be Hillary Clinton.

However screwed up the process of electing Trump as president, Hillary conceded defeat, licked her wounds, and has called on everybody to give Trump a chance.

That’s what we do. You know, we are Americans. We are not Duterte fanatics.

Whether we like it or not, Trump is our president now. Denying Trump this tenure is like questioning the vote of the majority, America’s foundation in its practice of democracy.

Somehow, the Founding Fathers were high on something when they thought about how we should count the majority to elect a president.

US PRESIDENT. Donald Trump wins over Democrat Hillary Clinton. AFP file photo

Like Hillary, Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 US presidential election but lost the presidency to George W. Bush who won in the Electoral College.

But we survived Bush who brought us to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have spawned the kind of despicable hatred and extremism in the Middle East never been seen before, with the Moslem terrorist ISIS as its latest version. We saw this in the terroristic onslaught of Osama bin Laden and his Talibans.

Even President Obama is sincere in calling for unity. We got screwed, all right, but fuck it – to borrow these swear words from Duterte who now calls Trump his BFF – there’ll be another election in 4 years to rally the troops to dislodge him.

But for now, we stand united with POTUS. If we don’t have respect for this despicable man, let’s have respect for the Office of the President of the United States. We pledged allegiance to the flag, not a person.

We lost. They won. Live with it. It’s their turn.

Just think of Trump as a name for a weed, like a Rick Steve’s joint, except Trump’s potency is 38% THC. Let’s try this shit, man! – Rappler.com

 Oscar Quiambao is a businessman and former business journalist from Manila who now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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