LOOK: Commuters endure long lines at LRT2

The Light Rail Transit Authority says long queues remain the norm during rush hour

MONDAY RUSH HOUR. Commuters endure long lines at the LRT2 Santolan Station on October 9, 2017. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Yu

MANILA, Philippines – Commuters who endured long lines at the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT2) on Monday morning, October 9, posted photos of their stressful commuting experience online.

The photos showed several long lines snaking from the entrance of the LRT2’s Santolan Station.

In a phone interview, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) public relations head Lyn Paragas-Janeo said long queues remain the norm during rush hour.

“It is Monday, expected na mahaba ang pila. It is also because of the inspection since matagal dahil very strict talaga ngayon,” she said. 

(It is Monday so the long lines are expected. The inspection is also taking a while because we have strict security.)


Janeo added that airconditioning units of one of the trains malfunctioned in the morning, but she clarified that this was fixed immediately.

As of posting, all 10 trains of the LRT2 are operating.

Commuters emphasized, however, that authorities should address the long lines once and for all.


Last July, the LRTA extended the operating hours of the LRT2, starting at 4:30 am until 10 pm. – Rappler.com