Thanks to netizen’s request, Cebu City library will be open 24/7

Bong Santisteban
Thanks to netizen’s request, Cebu City library will be open 24/7
An engineering student messages Mayor Tommy Osmeña on Facebook, wishing the public library remains open overnight so students won't need to hang out at fast food restaurants to study

MANILA, Philippines – Soon, students who need to study overnight will no longer have to stay in coffee shops and fast food restaurants – at least in Cebu City.

Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña announced on Tuesday, March 6, the city library will be open 24 hours to cater to the needs of the students, especially at night.

This came after netizen Mitch Roldan made the suggestion on Osmeña’s Facebook page.

“Mayor, I’m also hoping and praying that you will consider having the public library be open for 24/7for us students who really need to study in a library setting,” Roldan’s comment read. 

She also added that this would be more beneficial for students instead of staying in fast food chains. (READ: How community libraries can change lives)

She said library users wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for the services. 

The mayor replied: “Ok! Give me a week.”

On Monday, March 5, the mayor posted a screengrab of Roldan’s comment with the caption, “Many students would find this useful yes?”

Less than 24 hours after posting the screenshot, Osmeña posted an update, saying that Rizal Public Library is being outfitted for 24-hour use. 

“Beginning Friday, the library will be open until midnight. It is now also open 7 days a week. After all the necessary upgrades are in place, it will be extended to 24-hour operation,” the post reads. (READ: WATCH: Book Stop Project brings libraries to communities)

The mayor also added that additional personnel is being hired. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Wi-Fi routers will also be installed. 

“I did not know how important this was to students until you brought it up. You made it happen,” the mayor said, thanking  Roldan. 

Other netizens welcomed this move, saying that this would greatly help the students. 


Roldan, in a message, said she was surprised when the mayor replied to her comment, but she didn’t expect the action would be this fast. 

“I thank him so much for considering it and putting the students’ future first,” she told Rappler. 

She also asked her fellow students to take this opportunity as an inspiration for them to study harder, and eventually give back to their parents and the country. 

Mitch Roldan is a 4th year electronics engineering student at the Cebu Institute of Technology University.

As of posting, Rappler is still waiting for Mayor Osmeña’s reply to our message asking for more details. (READ: The Librarians: A Rappler Profile)

In the Philippines, public libraries are usually open at the same time students are in school. While some libraries implement a no-noontime-break policy, others observe the business-like 8 am-12pm and 1-5 pm operating hours. –