Rappler Talk: #RiseUpTogether and becoming better LGBTQIA+ advocates

How do we #RiseUpTogether and become better advocates?

MANILA, Philippines – How do we become better LGBTQIA+ advocates?

Rappler talks to Naomi Fontanos from GANDA Filipinas and Metro Manila Pride’s Nicky Castillo and Loreen Ordoño to talk about the history of the Pride movement in the Philippines and how Metro Manila Pride has made the shift from last year’s #HereTogether to #RiseUpTogether.

In a time when our democratic institutions and human rights are facing challenges, how do we progress beyond identity politics into advocacy work that is responsive and intersectional? Why is it important to do so? Fontanos, Castillo, and Ordoño help us unpack these issues as we #RiseUpTogether for this year’s Pride month.

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