Leyte university apologizes to Bretman Rock, Manny MUA over dress code poster

Leyte university apologizes to Bretman Rock, Manny MUA over dress code poster
Leyte Normal University assures the social media personalities that the poster was made 'without malicious intentions of maligning your persons'

MANILA, Philippines – Leyte Normal University (LNU) has issued a public apology to social media star Bretman Rock and beauty blogger Manny Gutierrez, popularly known as Manny MUA, for using their images in the school’s dress code poster on “improper grooming for men.”

LNU clarified in its apology on Thursday, January 17, that the poster, which has gone viral, was made “without malicious intentions of maligning your persons.”

LNU said in its statement that it has taken steps to correct the situation. It issued a memorandum to all its faculty, staff, and students to stop sharing the poster in “all forms of communication, most especially on social media.” It had also removed the poster from the student council’s Facebook page, and had emailed its apology.

LNU also assured that it “will be more circumspect and careful in disseminating information that might cause adverse effects on the welfare of others.”

Why us?

The LNU dress code poster, which was posted on Thursday, detailed inappropriate hairstyles for students and improper grooming for men. Among the rules listed were the prohibition for male students to wear earrings, heavy makeup, and feminine clothes. LNU featured in its poster a photo of Gutierrez in heavy makeup, and a cropped photo of Rock in feminine clothes.

The two took to Twitter to share their disapproval of the poster.

Rock wondered how wearing feminine clothes could hamper a student’s learning. “First of all, my outfit is so cute. And second of all, how will wearing that affect a student’s learning?” he asked in his tweet.

Gutierrez, meanwhile, frowned on being used as an “example of what NOT to do at school” and found it unsurprising that a school would have a problem with a “man wearing makeup.”

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