#TalkThursday: Women on the environment

What women's and environmental issues do you want discussed? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #TalkThursday


On Thursday, March 8, Rappler launches a new weekly event called Talk Thursday where we bring together some of the most brilliant minds in various fields to talk about issues that matter. You can watch the live broadcast of Talk Thursday on the front page of Rappler.com and join the discussion via our social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook

The first episode of this weekly series is an International Women’s Day special and spin-off from the successful #WhyMining event. 

Rappler invited women who have strong ties with environmentalism. They will discuss several key issues on the environment and its unique regional and Philippine paradigms.

Who’s coming?

  • Sen. Loren Legarda
    Principal Author of the Climate Change Act of 2009 (Republic Act 9729) 
  • Cora Claudio
    President – Earth Institute Asia, Inc.
  • Antonia Loyzaga
    Executive Director – Manila Observatory


Why should you care?

Two Words: Women and Environment.

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s business and whether we realize it or not we all suffer from the effects of climate change among other environmental issues.  


While the discussion is going on in our studio, it will also be happening online. To take part, follow @rapplerdotcom on Twitter and use the hashtag #TalkThursday. We start the discussion at 2 pm. The livestream of the event starts at 4pm. See you online. – Rappler.com