Glutamax ad slammed for discriminating vs morenas
Glutamax ad slammed for discriminating vs morenas
'Unfair, 'di ba,' that some brands take a jab at skin color for the sake of profit

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens slammed skin whitening brand Glutamax for a series of online ads it uploaded on Facebook on Saturday, April 13.

To launch the new campaign for their Nano White line, GlutaMax released a series of posts on their Facebook page, which netizens said were distasteful in terms of creative treatment.

In the Philippines, whitening brands have been known to brazenly tell women through advertisements that they should have fairer skin to be considered attractive. 

GlutaMax’s “Your Fair Advantage” campaign ads sing the same tune. They tell Filipinos that to be fair doesn’t just make people see you as “more attractive” or “prettier.” The brand goes on to promise added perks to being fair-skinned. 

Netizens, however, were quick to dismiss the ad as promotive of “colorism,” citing other advertisements that had the same tones of color discrimination. Glutamax was called out by netizens as capitalists perpetuating a culture of discrimination, inequality, and shaming

While brands have been known to pull stunts like controversial campaigns just to get people talking about their products, questions hound the ethics of such strategies.

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What are your thoughts on Glutamax’s “Your Fair Advantage” campaign? Do you think it harmed society’s views on people of color and beauty, or not? Let us know. —

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