2019 MovePH Awards: Celebrate Filipinos who inspire movements with impact

2019 MovePH Awards: Celebrate Filipinos who inspire movements with impact
This year's awards will put a spotlight on Filipinos who heeded the call of their community and answered with collective action. Nominate them for the Move Awards on or before November 15.

MANILA, Philippines – What moves you to take action?

At a time when the country is divided by polarizing issues and disinformation, many Filipinos go above and beyond to bring communities together, anchor their advocacies on social good, and push for solutions that leave no one behind.

Taking off from their own experiences and moved by a wave of inspiration, movements spark up all over the Philippines as they put a real face to their advocacies, going beyond mere ideas and calling for concrete actions.

Here at Rappler, we believe that communities can fuel change and move the country forward: one story, one person, one initiative, one action, one community at a time.

To celebrate movements like these, Rappler’s civic engagement arm is bringing back MovePH awards this year. With the theme “Inspiring movements with impact,” MovePH Awards 2019 will recognize Filipinos who are able to cut through the noise, heed the call of their community, and answer with collective action.

The awarding will be held in February 2020

Taking charge

MovePH Awards 2019 is focused on recognizing individuals, organizations, and initiatives that are making a difference, and give them a platform to inspire others to do the same. 

Kickstarted in 2015, Rappler’s MovePH Awards celebrates Filipinos who are pushing for change – not just for themselves, but also for others. It’s a culmination of the good that is done by everyday people in their respective communities: reinforcing our belief that together we can create ripples of change. 

The highlight of this year’s awards is the celebration of MovePH Ambassadors. These are individuals or groups who are implementing projects and initiatives that try to find solutions to community issues –whether it’s campaigning for an advocacy, harnessing technology, or being skilled in their craft.

One ambassador will be chosen from each of the 5 categories of the 2019 MovePH Awards. 

Selection process

Phase 1: The public nomination phase is ongoing until November 15. Move Ambassadors may apply or may also be nominated online through this form and will be shortlisted. 

Filipinos aged 18 to 35 may be nominated in any of the following categories:

  • Technology and innovation
  • Science and public health
  • Women’s rights and gender equality
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and social development

Phase 2: A panel of judges will evaluate all interested participants based on the following criteria:

Social Good (20%)

The ideal MovePH Ambassador is able to generate real-world impact on people and communities through his/her work and commitment. The impact of the MovePH Ambassador is tangible and clearly benefits the people and the environment around him/her.

Gamechanger (20%)

The ideal MovePH Ambassador is an innovator and a game-changer. He/she does more with less and comes up with ideas and programs that initiate change and engage communities. The MovePH Ambassador also challenges others to go beyond their comfort zones and rethink tradition and convention.

Sustainability (15%)

The ideal MovePH Ambassador is able to transform short-term wins into sustainable gains.

Move Spirit (15%) 

The ideal MovePH Ambassador is a leader and a catalyst for greater things. He/she gets things done and inspires others to do the same. If there’s one thing that unites all of us, it’s the refusal to accept things as they are and possess the strong desire to make the world a better place.

Community votes (30%)

The ideal MovePH Ambassador is able to get support from the community and is able to rally people around his/her advocacy.

Three finalists will be chosen for each category. MovePH Ambassador finalists are required to submit their respective pitch decks highlighting their story, the community they serve, the issues they are trying to address, and their success stories for their online profiles.

Phase 3: The finalists’ profile will be uploaded on the 2019 MovePH Awards for online voting. Anyone with a social media account can vote for their chosen finalist.

The nominees’ public vote ranking will be converted to 30% of their final score.

After the public vote, the panel’s score will comprise 70% of the nominees’ final score.

MovePH awardees will be recognized at the College of St Benilde SDA Theater on February 2020. 

Aside from the awarding of MovePH Ambassadors, special awards will be given to recognize individuals, organizations, communities, and advocacies that are making waves and creating impact in the Philippines though their respective fields and areas of specialization. Awardees for this category shall be selected from Rappler’s existing MovePH network.

Winners will each receive a cash prize and a trophy. They will also be connected to advocacy groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that will mentor them and help them improve their projects or scale it to other communities, as well as to training led by Rappler.

Those who wish to access the nomination form for MovePH Ambassadors can find it here. If you have any questions, email us at moveawards@rappler.com. – Rappler.com