#CourageON: Filipinos define bravery in the time of coronavirus

Movers from different parts of the country speak up on how they’ve shown courage during the coronavirus pandemic

MANILA, Philippines – How have you shown courage during this time? 

As the country continues to grapple with the various impacts – from economic to mental health – of the coronavirus pandemic, many Filipinos all over the world fear an uncertain future ahead of them. (READ: Can PH cope? Mental illness cases tipped to surge during pandemic)

The coronavirus pandemic also revealed the existing gaps between the poor and the rich. From slow distribution of emergency subsidies and relief to the continuation of online classes despite internet connectivity issues, poor Filipinos especially bore the brunt of the pandemic.

MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, asked its community of movers to redefine courage in the face of this shared struggle. From staying at home to holding government officials accountable online, movers heeded the call and gave bravery new meaning during the pandemic. (READ: #CourageON: Tag your representative to act on ABS-CBN franchise renewal)

In this video, Filipinos from different parts of the country stressed the need for a brave local government and public, as well as proactive leaders and more avenues for reliable information.

Watch this video as leaders, citizens, advocates come together to define courage in the time of coronavirus. Rappler.com