Share the #StoryOfTheNation: What does freedom mean to you?
Share the #StoryOfTheNation: What does freedom mean to you?
Tell us the #StoryOfTheNation through photos or videos!

MANILA, Philippines – What does freedom mean to you?

On June 12, the Philippines is going celebrate 122 years of independence. 

This year, we are celebrating our nation’s independence during a very interesting time. Many parts of the country are still practicing strict quarantine measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. Individually, everyone is also encouraged to restrict movement and practice physical distancing.

At the same time, the country’s celebration of its independence is also happening against the backdrop of the public clamor against the passage of House Bill 6875 or the anti-terrorism bill. 

At this point in time and in this political climate, we want to ask Filipinos: What does freedom mean to you?

Help us amplify the narratives of Filipinos through photos and videos.

Here’s how you can join us in telling the #StoryOfTheNation:

Step 1: Do a quick interview!
Ask your friends or family, “What does freedom mean to you?” through social media or chat.

You can also ask people in your community in real life, but make sure to observe consent and physical distancing.

Make sure to write down their response and take note of important details such as their name, age, and profession.

Step 2: Take a photo or video of your interviewee!
Take a snapshot or video of your interviewee. It’s okay if it’s candid. Make sure your camera’s in horizontal position and the area is well-lit.

Step 3: Submit your #StoryOfTheNation entry!
It’s time to send your entry! You may email your photo/video and the text of your interviewee’s answer to and indicate #StoryOfTheNation in the subject line. 

You may also post the photo/video and answer on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but make sure that the privacy of your post is set to public. Remember to use #StoryOfTheNation in your caption. –


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