Taxi driver-lawyer is driven to succeed

Rosalio Torrentira
He did not expect to pass the bar and conditioned himself for a retake. But he made it.

Rosalio TorrentiraIt was the summer of 2010 when I decided to quit law school and, with it, my dreams of becoming a lawyer. I couldn’t support myself financially.

My income as a taxi driver was meager. It was difficult just to meet my daily needs, notwithstanding the books that needed to be purchased, the photocopies of cases, the tuition fees, and my outstanding school fees.

Life was hard for me while growing up. I had my share of injustices happen when I was a kid, which was why I decided at an early age that I needed an education, and that I needed to pursue a career in law.

It seemed then I needed to put that pursuit on hold. My only consolation was the hope I could return to law school sometime in the future.


I confided in one of my closest friends, Marlon Bayona. I disclosed to him the reasons behind my ambition to be a lawyer. I also told him why I wasn’t able to find a good job, despite having a bachelor’s degree, and instead had to work as a taxi driver. Without hesitation, he offered his help. He said he would shoulder my school fees.

I didn’t believe him and had to clarify if I heard it right. He told me, “It is not a joke and I am serious in my offer. I see myself in you. Like you, I supported myself in college and I encountered so many struggles before I made it. I also received help from other people so it is now the right time to return the goodwill.”

It was really a miracle! A person whom I wasn’t related to offered to help me fulfill my ambition.

I thanked God with all my heart. I said to Him, “Lord thank you very much for giving me this person. Now I believe that you do exist and watch over me all the time.”

I was not a very religious person. Up until then I believed I was alone in my struggles. A job as a taxi driver was all I could get as I was turned down from other jobs for one reason or another. But because of this, I made a promise to the Lord to serve Him. I got closer to God than ever before.

It made me believe that, in times of trouble, all I need to do is to lift my hands to Him and He will make a way for me. It made me believe that God was testing me all this time, and that I only had to trust in Him in order to achieve my goal. 

He has proven this to me in so many instances. I now always see a solution to every obstacle I encounter. If I can’t make it all myself, then He will send somebody to help me.

So many people were sent by Him.

Help from friends

There is Rey Fernandez, an engineer. He helped me by lending me money to pay for my school fees. I can’t remember if I had ever paid him back sufficiently.

There are my fellow taxi drivers who helped me every time I had problems with my vehicle.

There was Nanay Mila and also Ate Gina who always let me eat at their carinderia with credit. My longtime-friend Mikhael Chavez was always there for me.

There were also friends in law school who helped me in my studies; my teachers who served as my second parents and mentors of my knowledge in law; and my landlord who understood it when I had to delay rental payment.

My fraternity brother, Ductus Legis, also helped pay for my tuition for the last semester in Adamson and my bar review tuition.


However, I did not finish my law degree without a hitch. I originally failed my Commercial Law Review subject. My fellow students and I thought we deserved a retest which the dean granted. Thankfully, we passed the retake. 

October 2012 came and I was still not ready to take the bar exam.

As the first Sunday approached, I felt that the days were turning faster than usual. I braced myself for the worst although I prepared too much for the first two subjects.

My confidence increased after the first Sunday. The following Sundays, however, were a disaster.

I did not expect to pass the bar, so much so that I began to condition myself to retake it next year. But, at the back of my mind, I held on to the hope that I passed. I still had faith that God would not fail me. After all, He brought me here where I am and all His help would be in vain if the ultimate goal were denied me.

When the bar results were released and I was one of those who made it, I shed tears of joy! I went to church and once again thanked God.

I said to Him, “From now on, I will not ask for more because you know all that I needed and I know you haven’t failed me. Thank you Lord!” –


Rosalio Torrentira is a graduate of the Adamson Law School and recently took his oath as a lawyer.    

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