The Do More Awards


I. What is the DO MORE Awards?

A great nation relies on its thinkers and movers. These leaders are driven by the passion to change their own destinies, and in the process, they effect tremendous change on the society around them as well. We simply call them the people who DO MORE: visionaries who question and take action.

Everyday, we hunt for stories of these Doers. Now, we want to go beyond just telling their stories.

The DO MORE Awards is Rappler’s first opportunity to commend Filipino achievers who have the courage to challenge the status quo. It aims to honor those who take the initiative to go beyond the call of duty. What they do inspires others around them.

Collaborating with Rappler’s Do More awards is Rexona – a brand committed to the philosophy of maximizing life, finding new horizons, and enhancing day-to-day performance. With a shared vision of sharing these stories, Rexona believes in recognizing these achievers and empowering them to go even further.

Have you met someone who is able to DO MORE? Learn more about the awards and submit a nomination HERE.

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II. The Essence of Doing More

What exactly does it mean to DO MORE? To “do more” is a philosophy. Throughout time, it is what propelled individuals to become part of history. It is what moves us to incite change in ourselves and in our society.

In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell claims that the world’s achievers worked hard, crafting the “10,000 hour rule” – that it takes 10,000 hours to be good at what you do. He says being great requires enormous amounts of time and effort.

Bill Gates spent thousands of hours in his high school’s computer room before finding that point of innovation which made him a billionaire software developer.

Athletes like Usain Bolt or Manny Pacquiao trained up to 12 hours every day and practiced harder and more rigorously than other athletes before winning their gold medals.

Diosdado Banatao, a Filipino engineer in Silicon Valley, invested millions in three start-ups before becoming a 5-time member of Forbes’ Midas list.

But doing more isn’t just about beating others in the numbers game. It can be about taking what’s established and changing it by doing it your way.

Atty. Yves Gonzalez revitalized the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) by harnessing our national obsession with Twitter.

Rappler became the country’s first social news network and changed the way we created, consumed, and engaged with journalists and the events which shape our lives.

If one person’s action can influence the lives of a hundred million people, just imagine what will happen if more of us take the initiative to do more.

We want to create a consciousness of change, one story at a time.

The Rappler Do More awards will celebrate these visionaries. Powering this vision is Rexona, a brand that is equally passionate in providing us with the confidence to Do More.

But more than lauding people for their efforts, we also want to send a clear message.

At the end of the day, those who do more cannot keep doing it by themselves. Ideas need to keep coming. Action needs to keep happening. We need to keep moving.

So get out there and do more.

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III. Categories

The Do More Awards has 8 official categories:

  • Someone who is fit in mind, body, and heart. An athlete who takes home the gold not just for any sport, but also for bringing positive change to the finish line.

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  • A performer and creator; on the stage, the canvas, the studio or the street – he or she must have gone beyond expression to be a source of inspiration.

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  • One whose ingenuity has led to breakthroughs beyond novelty. The innovator finds inventive solutions – be it through technology, improving a system, or simplifying a process.

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  • Someone who has gone beyond celebrity status to excel and explore other passions. Amidst the glare of the limelight and the cameras, he or she has elevated the craft into a profession of virtue.

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  • A business-savvy individual with a conscience; one who has resorted to sustainable methods not only for personal profit but also for social good. Someone who founded an enterprise to help a community using the resources available.

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  • He or she is a person who led or inspired a movement for change in a community. Someone who has influenced both citizens and officials in shifting perspectives without expecting anything in return.

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  • One whose influence in social media and cyberspace is made more palpable by on-ground initiatives that have brought about greater good. Someone who has gone viral for a noble cause.

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  • Someone who has crossed borders to uplift the Filipino spirit. Whether a balikbayan or an expat, he or she has been actively sharing goodwill and fostering nationalism to the overseas Filipino community.

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IV. Nomination Mechanics


Nominee must be a Filipino citizen.

The nominee’s project (i.e. a business venture, campaign, invention, and the like) must have been implemented and executed within January 2012 until September 2013.

The project must have a significant impact to any given community.

The project must be characterized by excellence, innovation, and sustainability; it must uphold the essence of doing more.

Fill out the nomination form HERE.

Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered.

The nomination must be received by October 5, 2013.

You will receive an email with instructions for verifying your nomination.

One winner from each of the 8 categories will receive a cash prize of P50,000.00 and will be included in Rexona’s roster of Ultimate Doers.

They will also be individually awarded with a trophy by the distinguished panel during the Do More Awards night on November 28, 2013.

Judging Process and Criteria:

Influence (25%)
The nominee’s project or actions must have benefited a specific sector of the society. The cause must have a tangible output or effect.
Integrity (25%)
The nominee must display honesty and good moral fiber.
Leadership (25%)
The nominee must have set a good example excellence, capability to initiate, and resourcefulness.
Encapsulating the Essence of Doing More (25%)
The nominee and his / her project must be characterized by innovation and the passion to lead for change.

The panel vote makes up 60% of the nominees’ final score. Public votes will make up 40% of each nominee’s final score.

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V. Panel

Apples Aberin Bam Aquino Jim Ayala Carlos Celdran
Illac Diaz Bianca Gonzalez Marites Vitug Phil Younghusband

Apples Aberin, PR Maven


Apples Aberin is one of the country’s most beautiful faces. She broke into the spotlight by being a sought-after model in the 80s. Now a mom to two grown kids, she is still the media’s darling, juggling family life with her various roles as host, judge, endorser, and writer.

Apples transcends the industry she exists in by advocating for beauty that emanates from within. As the PR Head for Personal Care of Unilever Philippines, she strives to promote postive messages from the brand, creating not just patronage but inspiration and optimism for consumers.



Bam Aquino, Senator


At 36, Bam is one of the youngest senators in the land, but he makes up for it with a commitment to serve beyond his duties in congress. In 2007, he co-founded Microventures, Inc., a social enterprise that helps develop business opportunities for the poor. One of his programs, Hapinoy, is an award-winning, full-service micro-entrepreneur enhancement program that aims to help and train sari-sari store owners in the Philippines. The program has since earned Aquino worldwide acclaim.

Before running for office, Bam was appointed chairman of the National Youth Commission. In 2010, Aquino was one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men awardees. For 2011, he was the World Economic Forum’s Asian Social Entrepreneur of the Year. He was also named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World for 2012.



Jim Ayala, Social Entrepreneur


Jim is the founder of Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi) – a Filipino, public service-oriented company that distributes and services world class, innovative products. His main project is to bring solar power to isolated, off-grid communities located in coastal, mountainous and farming areas that do not have access to electricity.

Jim was a former Chief Executive at Ayala Land before realizing that his true calling lies in helping Filipinos in the farthest corners of the country. Through his efforts to do more, rural communities now gain access to basic development-oriented goods and services.



Carlos Celdran, Tourism Consultant


Carlos Celdran is a performance artist best known for his Walk This Way tours, which take locals and foreigners on an eye-opening walk around Intramuros and other Manila spots. The popularity of his tours have led him to be featured in Time, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and The New York Times.

As an engaging and informative storyteller, Carlos has done more by bringing back the public’s interest in our capital’s rich history and culture. Last July 19, 2013, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada appointed him as the city’s tourism consultant.



Illac Diaz, Sustainability Advocate


Illac is the Executive Director and Founder of MyShelter Foundation, Inc., a social enterprise that looks for sustainable housing solutions for homeless and the lack of infrastructure in developing countries. His projects include developing the use of bamboo and PET bottles for the construction of low-cost dwellings.

Illac is a Doer because he pursued higher knowledge to create solutions. Though he was already well-known for his modeling and acting stints, Illac decided take time off to pursue a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He also finished degrees in Urban Planning at MIT-Boston and a Masters in Political Administration at Harvard.



Bianca Gonzalez, Social Media Storyteller

Bianca Gonzalez is the ultimate doer – a TV and media personality who uses her celebrity position to empower the youth and promote education. A social advocate and proactive citizen, she was named one of 2012’s Young Global Shapers by the World Economic Forum.

Today, she continues to inspire the youth to become active citizens, using social media and internet tools at their disposal. On top of all this, she is to represent Rexona for the Unilever Personal Care Teenweek, appealing to the youth about the importance of confidence and the ability to DO MORE.



Marites Vitug, Investigative Journalist


Marites is the founder and editor-in-chief of Newsbreakan award-winning media organization specializing in investigative reporting. Through the power of her pen, she has brought scathing attention to some of the most corrupt profiles in the country. She chooses to do more by never backing down despite lawsuits slammed against her.

For her published work, Marites has won the Philippine National Book Award in journalism, as well as the Courage in Journalism award from the US-based International Women’s Media Foundation. Today Marites heads the Journalism for Nation Building Foundation, a spin-off of Newsbreak. She is also’s editor-at-large.



Phil Younghusband, World-Class Athlete


Phil Younghusband is a household name. His face graces billboards every few hundred meters along the highway, with good reason. Having previously played with the prestigious Chelsea FC, the British-Filipino plays for the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club.

Though already one of the top players in the country, he took things a step further by co-founding and coaching for the Younghusband Football Academy. With a level 2 UEFA coaching badge under his belt, Phil hopes to promote and develop young Filipinos’ skill and passion for the sport, ultimately spreading a deeper appreciation for football in the country. He embodies the Rexona philosophy through his efforts of training and supporting aspiring athletes – something the brand also advocates through its own initiatives.

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The nomination and public voting period has ended.

Thank you for your submission!

The winners will be announced on November 28, 2013



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