Technology and the power to do more

Here's how can YOU harness social media to campaign for a cause that you believe in

MANILA, Philippines – Because of technology, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. Digital is changing the way we move and think, enabling us to reach wider audiences in a faster timespan.

This is the reason behind The Do More Awards, which was officially launched by Rappler and Rexona on September 3.

READ: The Rappler Do More Awards

During the launch, Maria Ressa, Rappler’s CEO and Executive Editor, shared how the internet is now being used to do more with less, citing Rappler as an example.

As a digital news network, Rappler aims to influence social change through its readers. It delivers news that is relevant, thought-provoking, and easily shareable to others.

But without the dynamic platform of the web, it would not have worked.

“Rappler is an idea that couldn’t have happened 5 years ago,” Ressa said. Facebook, Twitter, and apps have changed the way Rappler reaches its readers.

Rappler is the 3rd most-read newsgroup in the Philippines. It is also the 25th most-visited website in the country, according to online metrics tool Alexa.

Through the power of Web 2.0, Rappler hopes to go beyond creating awareness. It wants to inspire people to act now, using the tools that we already have in our hands – our cellphones, tablets, and laptops.

For example, web-based crowdsourcing now proves to be a viable tool for everything from mapping relief operations, to raising funds for a business, to surveying solutions for community problems.

Recently, we saw how one Facebook post led to a huge peaceful rally against a policy.

How can YOU harness social media to campaign for a cause that you believe in?

The Do More awards is Rappler’s and Rexona’s joint effort to seek more achievers from different fields and find Ultimate Doers who have elevated their craft into a vocation – specifically, for social good and development.

If you know people who fit the bill, then share their stories. Nominations are open until September 28. – Rappler.com


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