DSWD to foster parents: Register Typhoon Yolanda orphans

The Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification Program of DSWD and UNICEF is pleading for foster parents to register children orphaned by typhoon Yolanda

 REGISTER NOW. Support programs for orphans in Tacloban. Photo by Franz Lopez

MANILA, Philippines – DSWD pleads with families and individuals who are presently taking care of orphaned children from Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) to register with their Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification (RFTR) Program. 

The RFTR, a program under UNICEF, is a tracking program that was started last December, 2013.  

The Women and Children’s Protection Desk of the local government units are spearheading the collection of useful information to locate displaced Typhoon Yolanda orphans.

As of January 3, there had been 109 children from Leyte who were listed as orphans. 

Why register? 

For interested foster parents, they will undergo a series of training modules and assessments before being given a license from DSWD. The license will qualfy them for numerous benefits including financial aid, as well as goods and support services. 

However, DSWD maintained certain qualifications for aspiring foster parents under Republic Act No. 10165 also known as the Foster Care Act of 2012. 

According to the law, aspiring foster parents must: 

1. Be of legal age 

2. Be at least 16 years older than the child unless the foster parent is a relative 

3. Have a genuine interest, capacity and commitment in parenting

4. Have ability to provide a familial atmosphere for the child

5. Have a healthy and harmonious relationship with each family member living with him/her

6. Be of good moral character

7. Be physically and mentally capable and emotionally mature 

8. Have sufficient resources to be able to provide for the family’s needs; 9. be willing to further hone or be trained on knowledge, attitudes and skills in caring for a child

10. Not already have the maximum number of children under his foster care at the time of application or award

After registration, the families and individuals will become licensed foster families or parents of the child for the next 3 years.

“This is for the best interest of the child. It is important that these children are protected from child traffickers, child abuse, and exploitation,” said DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman. – Rappler.com