Watch foreigners speak PH languages fluently

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Watch these foreigners speak fluent Filipino languages

MANILA, Philippines – Do you know any “Foreignoys?” Long before the popular segment of GMA-7’s Eat Bulaga featured foreigners who speak, eat and live Filipino – “Foreignoys” were already getting thousands of views on YouTube.

Language experts say that thanks to globalization, the world loses one language every two weeks. But also thanks to globalization – and because of social media and technology – languages have spread far beyond their home countries. 

We all probably know a foreigner who loves adobo, can say “maraming salamat” with a cute but not-so-perfect accent, or can hold a note to popular OPM songs. But these “honorary Filipinos” on YouTube take it to another level.

Rappler’s social media team gathered some of our favorite videos of honorary kababayans speaking Filipino languages, some almost perfectly. They’re not just posting videos of themselves speaking Tagalog, but in other Philippine languages as well.

Check out our top picks below: 

This vacationer by the name of “Jordan” was stopped by a local and he talked about his adventures in Divisoria and Palawan. “Maganda talaga dito sa Palawan,” Jordan said. (It’s beautiful here in Palawan)

Looking for an actor? This guy (whose name is not in the description) is being egged on by his friend to call out to the big Philippine TV stations, ABS-CBN and GMA, to sign him up. Any takers? 

These two Filipino passengers hopped in a cab in Dubai, only to find that their (hilarious) Pakistani driver speaks fluent Tagalog. The two filmed their cab trip. Mood meter: amused

Bisaya na dako,” the man in the video claims. (Very Bisaya) The caption describes him as an American Marine. Listen to the interviewer expressing amusement at the perfect Visayan accent. Bisdak gyud! 

“Saan tayo pumunta?” the friend of this American asks (Where are we going?). “Sa kabilang dako ng mundo… Magluluto tayo ng dinengding,” he answers. (To the other side of the world. We’re going to cook dinengding [an Ilocano dish]) Learn about the other food he likes in this video:

While these guys may just be acting silly, we give them points for their attempt at Ilocano.

Looking for Ilonggo or Hiligaynon lessons? Watch this guy:

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