Join your #BrgyAssembly on March 25

Raisa Serafica
Join your #BrgyAssembly on March 25
Attend the Barangay Assembly on Saturday, March 5 and prove to the government that you are the boss!

MANILA, Philippines – Do you know where your barangay chairman intends to spend the taxes you pay? Do you have great project ideas for your neighborhood that you want to share?

Saturday, March 25 is your chance to get your voice heard!

All 41,889 barangays in the Philippines are expected to conduct a synchronized assembly on March 25, as mandated by Presidential Proclamation Number 260

The Barangay Assembly provides an opportunity for residents to express their stand on issues as basic as garbage disposal, faulty street lights, and clogged canals. Through the event, residents can either raise questions, propose solutions, or demand answers from their local officials.

Why participate?

Because of its participative nature, the barangay assembly serves as a perfect venue to gather citizens and government officials to address problems in the community. 

The role of citizens in a democracy does not end at the ballot box. Good governance requires the cooperation between an accountable government and active citizens.

In order to truly eradicate corruption, citizens must first hold their representatives in government accountable to their duties and responsibilities as public servants. (Read: You can help keep an eye on our government

MovePH, Rappler’s citizen journalism arm, invites all Filipinos to participate in the synchronized assembly to strengthen government accountability and transparency. 

Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1. Check if your barangay will hold an assembly on March 25

Get the details of your barangay assembly and share them with your neighbors. If your barangay is not holding an assembly, find out why and report it to Rappler.

Note that you don’t have to be a registered voter to participate in the assembly. You are entitled to join as long as you are: 1) aged fifteen years or older, 2) have been residing in the barangay for at least 6 months, and 3) are duly registered in the list of barangay members.

Step 2. Participate in your #BrgyAssembly

On Saturday, participate in your barangay assembly. Listen to your barangay officials explain their activities and plans. Share your ideas and propose solutions in the assembly. 

Use the #BrgyAssembly hashtag and tell us why you want to participate in the barangay assembly to inspire others to do the same! You can even be creative by using photos. 

Step 3. Ask this important question

Because the typhoon season is just 3 months away, find out whether your barangay is prepared.

Ask your barangay chairman how your barangay preparing for the coming typhoon season? And how is your barangay spending its budget for disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation? 

Step 4. Share your story!

Write about your experience on X, Rappler’s self-publishing platform. How did the barangay assembly go? What were the topics discussed? 

Follow @MovePH on Twitter and like our Facebook page:  

The change you wish to see in the world lies in your hands! – 


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Raisa Serafica

Raisa Serafica is the Unit Head of Civic Engagement of Rappler. As the head of MovePH, Raisa leads the on ground engagements of Rappler aimed at building a strong community of action in the Philippines. Through her current and previous roles at Rappler, she has worked with different government agencies, collaborated with non-governmental organizations, and trained individuals mostly on using digital technologies for social good.