An open letter to the Bishops of CBCP
'Unite with us in trying to reduce if not eliminate poverty'



The Supreme Court will soon decide on the RH Law. Whatever decision they make, we know that this issue will once again capture the nation’s attention.


Pope Francis has already criticized what he calls the Catholic Church’s obsession with contraception and other issues that you often place under the framework of morality. He may not have released an outright change in Church teachings, but he did put great stress on the need to find a “new balance.” In our opinion, it is clear to the Pope that Church leaders cannot carry on conducting themselves the same way as before.


Almost all who have been campaigning for the RH Law are poor—slum dwellers, workers, women in poor rural communities—or are working to eliminate poverty. But not one of us has said that RH is the sole or most important solution to poverty. Not one of us is a stooge of foreign interests. If you will just accept that these three sentences are true, then it will be easy to start finding areas of unity.


In the spirit of finding a “new balance,” you can unite with us in trying to reduce if not eliminate poverty, in ways that your teachings can support. We hope that you just join us in trying to feed the hungry, heal the sick and uphold freedom and justice in the Philippines.


– Purple Ribbon for RH Campaign


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