UP alumni: #NoongFreshieAko

A 7-minute video featuring UP students and graduates talking about what life was like as a freshman is going viral

MANILA, Philippines – Students and graduates from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman went on an online nostalgia trip this week, after the University Student Council UP Diliman posted a video on their Facebook page to “welcome” incoming freshmen to the university. 

The 7-minute video features UP students and graduates talking about what life was like as a freshman. As of posting, the video has 388 “likes,” 603 shares, and 37 comments. Immediately after the video was released, netizens took to Twitter to share their own experiences — this time, using the hashtag #NoongFreshieAko (when I was a freshman). 

Since the hashtag caught on in the microblogging site, graduates and students from other universities have jumped on the #NoongFreshieAko bandwagon. Here are the best tweets we’ve seen so far: 

#NoongFreshieAko on Twitter

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#noongfreshieako #tipsforUPfreshies Naghubad ako sa clinic sa infirmary para sa physical exam, sabi kasi nung nasa pila. Hindi pala tutuo.jonas bagas
#noongfreshieako I slept in between subjects, and got a flat one GWA. #gustokolangmagyabangtodaybakitbaAndreo Calonzo
#Noongfreshieako, hindi ko nakuha subjects sa CRS. Saklap. Nauna nang matuto magprerog at makipagsapalaran sa profs early on sa buhay.Penelope Endozo
#NoongFreshieAko conyo-style English was not what you’d usually hear @ AS, save for the rich kids waiting for their sundo at the AS StepsHope
#noongfreshieako Papa thought ATM card he gave me only worked on the machine of the bank that issued it. Took some time before he found out.Robert JA Basilio Jr
#noongfreshieako ang buhay weather weather lang…ngayon ako na ay weatherman #yunohJoseph Ubalde
Shocking news nun na talo si @atomaraullo sa pagka-USC Chair. #NoongFreshieAkoNorman Clarence
@interaksyon #noongfreshieako 75 cents lang ang Ikot, wala pang Toki.Miss Go
#NoongFreshieAko akala ko straight akoFold C
#NoongFreshieAko Nahilo ako sa kakahanap ng room TBA ;)Jose Celestino Reyes

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