#DearObama: What would you tell the US President?

Raisa Serafica
#DearObama: What would you tell the US President?
The world's most powerful man does read letters sent to him

MANILA, Philippines – If given the chance, what would you say to US President Barack Obama?

Obama is scheduled to make a quick overnight visit to the Philippines on Monday, April 28 to discuss security matters and a range of other issues with President Benigno Aquino III. 

The US President is expected to highlight the close bilateral ties both countries share; which include agreements on US forces, trade, and people-to-people relations. President Aquino, meanwhile, will likely discuss China’s claims over Philippine territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and US military aid. 

Local voices

MovePH, the citizen journalism arm of Rappler, invites its readers to write to President Obama and tell him what you think he should know about the Philippines and Filipinos. 

  • You can compose short messages and tweet them to @MovePH using #DearObama. You can also post your messages on MovePH’s Facebook page

  • You can write a letter and share it with us at move.ph@rappler.com with the subject line [#DearObama]. Please include a short profile of yourself and a profile photo in jpeg format. MovePH editors will publish selected letters.  

MovePH will send all messages and letters received by April 29 to the US Embassy in Manila.

President Obama is known to read 10 letters a day from the public to get a sense of what they’re thinking and feeling. Who knows, he just might end up reading what you have to say– Rappler.com 

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Raisa Serafica

Raisa Serafica is the Unit Head of Civic Engagement of Rappler. As the head of MovePH, Raisa leads the on ground engagements of Rappler aimed at building a strong community of action in the Philippines. Through her current and previous roles at Rappler, she has worked with different government agencies, collaborated with non-governmental organizations, and trained individuals mostly on using digital technologies for social good.