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CONVERSATIONS: Sex Positivism with Ana Santos
Ana Santos takes on your questions about sex positivism. Use the hashtag #SexTalk

MANILA, Philippines – Despite changing attitudes in society, sex and sexuality continue to be sensitive topics in the Philippines. Here at Rappler, we want to change just that. 

From now on, Rappler will be home to Dash of SAS, regular column on sex positivism by Ana P. Santos. 

We’ll also be hosting regular conversations that will hopefully provoke thought, rouse positive conversations about sexuality, and change the way we view sex. Join the conversation! Leave a comment on Facebook, send us a tweet (@rapplerdotcom), or tweet using the hashtag #SexTalk. 

Today (May 19), we’re holding our first social media conversation on sex. Here are some of the questions from the community and answers from Ms. Santos:


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