CONVERSATIONS: What would you #AskCorona?
If you were a a member of the prosecution panel what would you ask Chief Justice Renato Corona when he takes the witness stand on Tuesday?

MANILA, Philippines – Chief Justice Renato Corona is set to take the witness stand on Tuesday, May 22, on the 40th day of the historic impeachment trial.

The exact content of Corona’s testimony remains to be seen, but that hasn’t stopped Senators from speculating on what the Chief Justice might say on Tuesday. The prosecution panel, as early as last week, already said that they were ready for Corona’s testimony, but had yet to determine who would do the cross examination

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Let’s say you were one of the lawyers on the House prosecution panel. What questions would you ask the Chief Justice? Let us know! Leave us a reply on our Facebook page, send us a tweet (@rapplerdotcom), or tweet using the hashtag #AskCorona. 

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CONVERSATIONS: What would you #AskCorona?

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