Mavis Ching’s kitchen of cheer
Mavis Ching’s kitchen of cheer
At 58, Mavis packed her bags from Singapore and moved to Cambodia. From teaching piano, she now spreads cheer to Siem Reap's hungry souls

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MANILA, Philippines – For years, Mavis Ching taught piano in Malaysia.

Mavis says, life was good. She is a mother to two grown children, and music was her life. 

“There was something missing – a piece of the jigsaw was not quite in place. I felt wasted simply going through the paces from day to day,” she wrote in her website Touch A Life.

Years later, after getting involved in some social work, Mavis relocated to Cambodia, where she nourishes the hungry of Siem Reap – their bodies with food, and their souls with cheer. Mavis feeds around 150 children every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in her soup kitchen, On Saturdays, she and fellow volunteers deliver food to neighboring villages, feeding entire families.

Not only does Mavis tirelessly cook food, but she also patches wounds, gives first aid medicine, and gives hugs to kids in need.

“In the long run, yes, it amounts to nothing,” she says. “But I’d like to think that some cheer has been derived from this. That makes me happy.”


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