Tennis for the blind
Tennis for the blind
In tennis, the player must have eyes on the ball at all times. But for the blind, their dedication and acute sense of sound matter most.

MANILA, Philippines –  In tennis, there are a number of things to consider.

Apart from above-average endurance, one must have impeccable eye-hand coordination and deft footwork to play competitively.

Friends Wei Lian, Wai Yee, Steady, Hock Bee, Ivni and several others enjoy being on the clay every Saturday mornings. With racquets in hand, the group of friends play with and against each other – not competitively, but leisurely.

They all happen to be blind, too.

In spite of being bereft of the gift of sight, they make up for it with their dedication and acute sense of sound. They turn tennis into a sport called soundball, where they use a different kind of ball that rattles whenever it hits the ground.

Watch this talented group of friends – and their dedicated volunteer coaches – smash the rattling tennis balls with much gusto. Their eagerness to learn and get better make what seems impossible, possible.

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