Three days: A Rappler documentary on hunger

Fritzie Rodriguez, Patricia Evangelista
Three days: A Rappler documentary on hunger
In their sleep, they try to forget the physical pains of hunger and the problems that await them tomorrow

MANILA, Philippines – For the poorest of families, food is not a basic human right, but a luxury.

Hunger leads not just to physical decline, but failings in mental health, lowering blood sugar to extreme levels, making people weaker, more anxious and irritable.

Food insecure individuals are at higher risk of chronic illnesses brought about by a weaker immune system, adding to a family’s economic burdens. There are more absences from work or school, high healthcare costs, and lower productivity.

In this short documentary produced by Rappler’s Patricia Evangelista, a single packet of noodles is a meal for 5 – served every 3 days. This is the story of Geraldine Buenaflor, uneducated and unemployed, who lost 4 of 7 children and fights to keep the 3 left alive. 

Video directed, written and edited by Patricia Evangelista. Cinematography by Raymund Amonoy and Patricia Evangelista. Research by Nicole Revita, with assistance from Fritzie Rodriguez. Many thanks to international human rights organization FIAN Philippines, for their assistance locating the Buenaflor family.


For those who want to reach out to the Buenaflors, here’s how you can help.
Are you a filmmaker or animator? Put your skills to good use. Create videos suggesting ways how we can fight hunger or documenting the different manifestations of the hunger problem in the country. Send them to Be part of the #HungerProject


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