Americans taste test Filipino ‘chichirya’

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The Buzzfeed staff is at it again, this time testing local 'sari-sari' store snacks

SNACK ATTACK. What do these Americans think of Filipino sari-sari store staples? Screenshot from Youtube

MANILA, Philippines – The Buzzfeed staff is at it again! Jumping off from their previous foray into Filipino fast food chain Jollibee’s menu, they’re trying out some Filipino junk food or “chichirya” this time.

Which mascot of a famous “sari-sari” (variety) store staple does the staff compare to comic strip star Snoopy? Which local biscuit do they christen the “Filipino Oreo”? And what happens when they come face to face with the daunting task of sucking down powedered chocolate Mik-Mik from their tiny aluminum packets?

Find out here:


What do you think of the staff’s reactions? Do you react the same way when taking that first whiff of a Hansel mocha sandwich? Are you as crazy about Kirei shrimp crackers as they seem to be, or would you suggest a different brand? What other “chichirya” would you love to have seen the staff try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! –

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