Why we should end hunger

Jodesz Gavilan
What more reason do we need to end hunger? Nearly a billion people worldwide sleep on an empty stomach.

HOW CAN WE SOLVE HUNGER? The World Food Programme believes that there are a lot of ways to end hunger in the world. Screengrab from WFP Youtube video

MANILA, Philippines – Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem but it is the most neglected. 

One in every 8 people in the world suffer from hunger. But the effects go beyond that single person. 

Starting the day without the proper nutrients that can help them function effectively, many of the hungry also end the day with an empty stomach. If not properly addressed, it can mean loss of productivity. 

Dr Eliseo Ponce, formerly of the Bureau of Agricultural Research, said that 25% of the total workforce in the Philippines will fail to achieve their full potential because of complications brought about by hunger and nutritional deficiency.

Children who are always hungry and malnourished are also more likely to suffer when it comes to physical and cognitive skills development. The effects, unfortunately, are irreversible especially if unchecked during the first 1,000 days of a child. (READ: Poe: Hunger and malnutrition hinder Filipino youth’s potential)

According to the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency against hunger, the consequences of a lack of proper nutrition will more likely be intergenerational – the effects will be passed on to the children and even the grandchildren of the hungry. (READ: Ending the malnutrition cycle)

Unknown to many, there are a lot of means to help alleviate the situation of nearly a billion people worldwide who go to bed hungry.

In this video, the WFP outlined the actions that people can do to help those in need. From small acts such as supporting local food markets to broader ones such as building food safety nets, the solutions are endless. 

It’s time to end the cycle of hunger and poverty in the world. If this is done effectively, it will result in a lot more positive things for the country – economic growth and more healthy and efficient citizens. (READ: End hunger for today’s and tomorrow’s generation)

But the responsiblity of ending hunger does not solely fall on the shoulders of those in government or those in power. Even private corporations, humanitarian organizations, communities, and even families can contribute to the fight against hunger and malnutrition. (READ: #HungerProject: The key to solving hunger in our lifetime)

Through proper collaboration, no child will have to wake up worrying what he’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his entire lifetime. – Rappler.com 

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Jodesz Gavilan

Jodesz Gavilan is a writer and researcher for Rappler and its investigative arm, Newsbreak. She covers human rights and also hosts the weekly podcast Newsbreak: Beyond the Stories. She joined Rappler in 2014 after obtaining her journalism degree from the University of the Philippines.