#WomenOfManila: Fort Bonifacio

Natashya Gutierrez
#WomenOfManila: Fort Bonifacio

LeAnne Jazul

For International Women's Month, Rappler features everyday women in Manila to honor the stories and lives of the Filipina

MANILA, Philippines – For International Women’s Month, Rappler features everyday women in Manila to honor the stories and lives of the Filipina.

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Ruby Asistio, 45

“We’re doing a survey, a volume count of the cars. We’re on call when there’s a survey, its only then when we have work. If there’s no survey, we just stay home. Before, I had permanent work but when the management changed I was paid to leave because of my age. And at this age, of course its hard to find a new job, right? I already have kids who are working, so I just do this so I don’t get bored at home.”

Alath Dollesin, 45

“I’m a health conscious kind of person since I work in a hospital. I’m a private duty midwife. I’ve worked there for 24 years so I should be healthy, more than my patient, right? So I do this not only for myself but also for my patients. I do treadmill, and bicycle. I just started to be health conscious when I was 40 because I really feel like it’s necessary not only for my figure but also for my health. For me, its more for health than the figure. I feel like I’m light to do my activities. It’s easy for me to do my job, my work, all of my activities it used to be so hard for me. Before, I was so easy to get tired when I work but when I started to work out it became so easy.”

Melody Gabriel, 22

“I’m a trainee here. I applied on Jobstreet. This is my first job. I enjoy it. I’ve been in training for 23 days. Today is my oral exam, and after that I will be validated, and I will be allowed to serve. I like seeing people smiling, and when I give them good service. There are those who are snooty to me but I just ignore them because some people are really like that. Sometimes, when people get drunk they bug you, they ask for your number. I just ignore them or kid around with them. Sometimes they come back because of me. And sometimes, there are men who are crude, but most of the time when you tell them to stop, they will. Most are gentlemen.”

Jovelyn Baguio, 33

“I’ve been a security guard for one month. I’ve always wanted to be one but I only did it now because I had a baby. Now I have 4 kids, the youngest are twins – 1 year and 3 months. I used to work in garments, manual labor. I like this job because I get to meet new people. It’s fun here. The staff are close to me. I see celebrities. I pretend they are ordinary people but I also get starstruck.”

Aika Manaligod, 19

“Girls can skate as well as guys can.” 

– Rappler.com

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