Holy Thursday retreat: Closing prayer

Fr. J
Holy Thursday retreat: Closing prayer
The bottom line, of course, is a call to conversion, which means nothing more than to come home to the Father

Closing Prayer

This twin invitation of Holy Thursday –
the invitation to self-disarmament and to forgiveness – 
reveals more than ever
how different we are from Christ,
and how far away we are – unlike him – from the Father.

The bottom line, of course,
is a call to conversion,
which means nothing more
than to come home to the Father.

Let our closing prayer today
be a contemplation of the Parable of the Lost Son.

We all know that much-loved, age-old story
about a younger son who leaves his father behind,
loses everything including himself,
and eventually decides to return home
to work as a servant
only to be overwhelmed
by his father’s open-arm welcome.

To his surprise, his father cast no stone at him,
but instead, with an unexpected compassion and love,
clothed and fed his long-lost son.

Though we may fall short of all that’s expected of us,
though we may, for whatever reason, feel far from God,
as long as we decide to turn around,
and take those first steps and begin to fumble home,
we will find God waiting for us,
His arms open in the widest possible way,
His face beaming.

Don’t keep God waiting.

Spend a few moments
just speaking to the Lord about what you think,
and how you feel
as you end today’s retreat. 

Share your thoughts, prayers, and questions

Before you go,
take time out to post a comment.

It may be about an idea that struck you
or any experience, prayer, or question.

Sharing can be helpful for our fellow online retreatants.

You never know how you can help others
who may have the same struggles or issues
but can’t quite make sense of them.

Also, sometimes it is when we articulate our experiences into words
that they become clearer to us.

When you share the graces you’ve received,
you multiply these graces for others as well as for yourself.

Here are some questions
you may want to reflect about:

What struck you during today’s retreat?
What do you think was God’s main message to you or blessing for you?

Share your response – or any experience, thought, or prayer.

Make sure also to take time to read the sharing of your fellow retreatants,
so that you can pray for them and if you wish, to respond to them.

Meanwhile, let us pray for one another,
all those undergoing this online retreat.

See you tomorrow
for our Good Friday retreat!

(To try our Good Friday retreat, click this link.)

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