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Rappler opens applications for #PHVote mover summit training

Rappler opens applications for #PHVote mover summit training
Join the nationwide #PHVote mover summit for an exclusive training on fact-checking, covering local elections, and organizing projects for local communities. Deadline for applications is on Wednesday, November 3.

Do you want to be a #PHVote mover? Do you want to know how to fact-check disinformation, cover the local elections, and lead a movement in your community? 

MovePH, the civic engagement arm of Rappler is launching the #PHVote mover summit training for citizen journalists ahead of the 2022 polls. 

Given what’s at stake in 2022, Rappler pivoted its campaign to focus on the voters as the main character in the 2022 elections. Beyond voting, we aim to encourage Filipinos to be a part of voter engagement campaigns and deepen their civic participation in the months leading to and on election day.

1. What is the #PHVote mover summit training?

As part of Rappler’s many programs to engage communities and help fight disinformation, the #PHVote mover summit seeks to build a network of lead movers as well as movers who will help journalists cover news, issues, and events in their localities, report suspicious claims and debunk it, and organize projects for their own community.

Led and organized by MovePH in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the summit will facilitate a series of training sessions needed to help movers cover local elections, fact-check dubious claims, and lead movements on the ground.

In the past, Rappler also trained citizen journalists to cover local elections in 2019, 2016 and 2013. Through its coverage, it provided the public with crucial information to visualize not only the election results data, but also of election processes and key issues that emerged before, during, and after the polls in different areas. 

2. What will the #PHVote mover summit entail?

The #PHVote mover summit training involves a two-part online training session to be conducted by Rappler editors and reporters. These will cover a wide range of topics on news writing, covering local politics, social media reporting, fact-checking, and organizing initiatives for their communities, among others.

Participants accepted to the program will be taught important skills that will enable them to highlight issues that matter to their communities during the local elections. They will be working with Rappler staff in the months leading to the 2022 national elections. 

Those who will be accepted into the program will work on writing and monitoring election-related reports and other current local issues, reporting suspicious claims and debunking them, and organizing projects that will help communities take action. 

3. How long is the program? How many will be accepted to participate?

A total of 100 movers will be selected to participate in the two-part training sessions of the #PHVote mover summit scheduled on the following dates: 

  • 1st part of training: November 2021 – January 2022 
  • 2nd part of training: February 2022 – May 2022 

For the first part of the training, they will be participating in a weekly two-hour online training session for four weeks and will be asked to complete an assigned output per training session until the end of the training period.

Those who will be able to complete the first part of the #PHVote mover summit training will be qualified to join the second part in February 2022, which will involve a more in-depth training on specialized topics. 

Graduates of the program will be part of Rappler’s coverage of the 2022 Philippine elections. 

4. Who can qualify for the training? When is the deadline for applications?

The application of the program is open to movers or citizen journalists who have engaged with MovePH through its various training programs including but not limited to internships, mentorships and fact-checking webinar training. It is also open to campus journalists, student leaders, and youth advocates.

Representatives from civic-oriented youth groups, student-led organizations, or youth organizations may also apply.  

Deadline for applications is at 11pm on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. 

Interested applicants may fill out this form or use the button below:

For questions about the #PHVote mover summit training, send an email to move.ph@rappler.com.

– Rappler.com

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