Catcalling: The hidden threat and prejudice

Catcalling is a product of entitlement – a man feels he has the right to express himself to a woman, while the latter is obligated to listen to his comments and take them without insult. 

Whether or not you are wealthy enough to have a nice car, or receive an education from our country’s top schools, male entitlement transcends these class divides.

An unwanted advance is an unwanted advance, because women know how easy it is for a small compliment to become dangerous. 

The matriarchal culture passed down to us by our ancestors has created ample space for women to influence history and current affairs. Even though our country is one that does not shy away from strong, influential women, catcalling is still an issue in the Philippines. 

Why do we ask men not to catcall? For women to be able to feel safe, comfortable, and secure in our daily lives. No matter where we are and what we are wearing. –

Frankie Concepcion is a writer from the Philippines living in the US. Visit her site here. 

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