2022 Philippine Elections

[WATCH] #PHVote Dialogues: Powers, roles, and duties of Philippine lawmakers

[WATCH] #PHVote Dialogues: Powers, roles, and duties of Philippine lawmakers
We tackle the powers and duties of lawmakers, how legislation affects our daily lives, and why we should care about what lawmakers are debating

Congress is the primary maker of laws. In the process of crafting laws, the public has witnessed how legislators get mired in heated debates which at times turn controversial.

Under the Duterte administration, Congress passed the Bayanihan emergency laws on COVID-19 response, the Bangsamoro law, the conversion or division of local government units, budget bills, the anti-terror law, and the denial of a new franchise for broadcast network ABS-CBN. 

Majority of both the House and the Senate are President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies, yet the present administration has passed the least number of priority bills compared to previous presidents. What was it like in the previous administrations? What was the relationship between the president and the lawmakers?

In the 2022 Philippine elections, Filipinos will again elect 12 senators and their respective district congressman or congresswoman.

As we go through this crucial exercise of choosing who will govern us in the next coming years, it is important for voters to know the roles, responsibilities, and services we should expect from these lawmakers, how legislation affects our everyday lives, and why we should care about what lawmakers are debating. 

How does the legislative branch of the government work? How can we ensure that the legislative branch remains independent of the executive branch? How are laws passed? How do controversial laws hurdle Congress? How do budget proposals get passed and what is the controversy behind the “pork barrel” in the legislative branch?

To answer these questions and more, MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, will host the fifth session of #PHVote Dialogues on Wednesday, September 1, at 6 pm (Manila time).  The discussion aims to also provide an educational discussion on how laws are made, and to help voters make an informed decision in the upcoming elections. 

This particular session will be joined by Edna Co, the former dean of the University of the Philippines Diliman – National College of Public Administration and Governance and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism executive director Carmela Fonbuena.

#PHVote Dialogues are monthly huddles featuring personalities from the entertainment and arts industries, a subject matter expert, and journalists. 

This will be hosted by Rappler’s Lifestyle and Entertainment editor Bea Cupin.

Interested participants may visit this link to reserve a slot to the session:

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