Do you want to level up your fact-checking skills? Join Rappler’s mentorship program

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding about the process of fact-checking? Are you interested to scale up your skills in spotting disinformation online and debunking suspicious claims? 

Rappler, through its civic engagement arm MovePH, is launching another cycle of its fact-checking mentorship program. This is in partnership with Meedan, a non-profit tech company that works to strengthen global journalism, digital literacy, and accessibility of information.

For this new cycle, shortlisted applicants may choose to either be mentored in writing fact checks or organizing a special project to help fight disinformation. 

They will undergo a seven-week exclusive and hands-on training with Rappler's fact checkers and the MovePH team in the following: 

  • Detecting, investigating, verifying online disinformation 
  • Leading and organizing special projects like digital campaigns, events, or social media executions

This program is perfect for campus journalists, educators and community leaders who are committed to take a more proactive role in the fact-checking community by reporting claims, providing sources to help debunk, contributing actual fact-checks, and organizing or leading special projects to fight disinformation in their own local communities. 

We are accepting volunteer applications for this program until 11 pm on Saturday, July 31.

To qualify for the program, applicants must first have been participants of any previous fact-checking webinars hosted by MovePH. They must also be willing to work within the period of August to September 2021 through a remote setup. 

Academic institutions or groups which are involved in research, journalism or communication may also apply. 

A deeper dive on fact-checking

MovePH has been conducting a series of fact-checking webinars which focused on the methodology and processes of fact-checking, as well as how fact-checking applies in different thematic areas and issues. Since the program started on April 3, 2020, more than 5,000 participants have joined the sessions. (READ: #FactsMatterPH: The many ways you can help fight disinformation)

The Rappler team will guide them through the fact-checking methodology including the use of various processes and tools in fact-checking and writing about fact-checked stories.

Shortlisted applicants will have access to an exclusive series of discussions on topics including harnessing social media for civic engagement, monitoring suspicious claims online and writing fact checks, the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles, and the power and peril of social media. 

The Rappler team will guide them through the fact-checking methodology, including the use of various processes and tools in verifying claims and writing about the findings. We will also familiarize the volunteers with the processes of organizing projects to help fight disinformation. 

Those interested to join the mentorship program may fill up this application form. 

Applicants who are shortlisted will be contacted for an interview by a staff member from Rappler. –