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Fearless and independent journalism can thrive in 2023 – with your help
Fearless and independent journalism can thrive in 2023 – with your help
Together, we can make sure that 2023 gives rise to significant impact in our global battle for facts

MANILA, Philippines – A total of 1,700 fact check articles – and 400 translations – generating 8 million interactions. 

This is just a glimpse of the impact of #FactsFirstPH, a first-of-its-kind initiative composed of over 100 groups that came together in 2022 to stem the tide of false information and promote truth in public spaces.

Its unique four-layered approach – fact-checking, amplification or mesh, research, and deterrence – is the reason why it was hailed as the Most Innovative and Impactful Collaboration at the Global Fact 9 in June 2022. 

However, as much as the new year symbolizes new beginnings and fresh opportunities, the reality is that we haven’t left behind in 2022 the challenges that had plagued democracies worldwide. Judicial attacks, increased harassment, and unceasing disinformation against media in the Philippines, coupled with the inaction of social media platforms in the global landscape, have been grim reminders of why, in 2023, we need to work harder not just in building trust and stakeholdership in journalism but also in protecting those on the frontlines.

That’s why we need all the help that we can get to put Rappler in a stronger position to continue its public interest journalism, build communities of action that will fight disinformation, and innovate to address the evolving problems of our time.

Become a Rappler+ member this 2023

To help us sustain our work, we created Rappler+, our membership program for loyal readers and supporters. It keeps us independent and helps us continue to deliver uncompromising journalism.

By joining Rappler+, your money goes directly to our community building and journalism efforts that stand by our mission, values, and editorial standards

As a member, you will gain access to our newsroom through our members-only events. Through our program, you’ll be able to contribute to our editorial agenda while learning more about certain topics through our exclusive research reports and weekly newsletters that are only accessible to our members.

In 2022, support from our partners and Rappler+ members helped us build this community to fight back against lies. With your help, we can make sure that 2023 gives rise to significant impact for this community of truth-tellers. –

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