Progressive groups red-tagged in poster hung in front of Cebu church

Lara Batulan
Progressive groups red-tagged in poster hung in front of Cebu church
San Narciso Parish's authorities do not know who or what organization is responsible for hanging the poster and agree to take it down

Progressive groups – including the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), Gabriela, and Anakbayan – were red-tagged in a poster hung at the San Narciso Parish gates in Consolacion town, Cebu, according to an alert from NUSP-Visayas on Sunday, December 27.

The poster called to put a stop to the movement of the “terrorist” Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the National Democratic Front (NDF), the New People’s Army (NPA), alleging that progressive groups such as Gabriela and Anakpawis are linked to the communist insurgency in the Philippines.

It also urged a stop to the killings and recruiting of people to the named groups, listing crossed out logos of the CPP, NDF, NPA, and progressive groups.

NUSP-Visayas sounded the alarm on the “malicious and dangerous act of red-tagging.”

“We hold the Duterte administration accountable for emboldening these acts that put real people in peril,” they added.

Netizens have also reacted negatively towards the poster, with many advocating against red-tagging, online.

While these incidents aren’t common in the municipality of Consolacion, cases of red-tagging have been rampant throughout the country in the past year, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. (READ: Duterte administration sparks new legal offensive vs red-tagging)

According to San Narciso parish security, the poster was hung on Christmas night, as workers at the parish had noticed it by the morning of December 26.

Although the bottom corner says People for Peace Coalition-Central Visayas, the church’s authorities said they do not know who or what organization was responsible for the poster as there had been no permission to put it up. 

Church security added that some members of the church congregation have expressed complaints about the poster, stating that the church must not have any political affiliation. 

Furthermore, church security said local authorities have already taken note of this incident and have taken a picture of the poster. 

Church officials have agreed to take down the poster, due to the complaints from both locals and other church workers, as well as its inappropriate content. –