Share the #StoryOfTheNation: How did the COVID-19 pandemic change your life?

Share the #StoryOfTheNation: How did the COVID-19 pandemic change your life?
In the days leading up to this year's State of the Nation Address, we want to hear how Filipinos' lives have been changed by the pandemic through the #StoryOfTheNation campaign

Let your voice be heard.

Ahead of President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), we want to hear from the Filipinos themselves.

This year’s SONA is undeniably different as the President is expected to cite not only his administrations’ achievements in its 4th year but also the state of the pandemic response.

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Faced with an unprecedented pandemic, Filipinos are bearing the brunt of months-long lockdowns with no end in sight. The Philippines also continues to witness the rise of the coronavirus, with numbers breaching 68,000 as of Monday, July 20.

In the days leading up to this year’s SONA, MovePH, the civic engagement arm of Rappler, hopes to capture the different experiences of the common Filipino and how their lives have been changed by the pandemic through the #StoryOfTheNation campaign.

Take part in the campaign and help amplify the narratives of the Filipino people in a bid to have a clearer picture of the #StoryOfTheNation.

Here’s how:

Step one: Talk to different people

Talk to frontliners, businessmen, activists, journalists, students and teachers, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, senior citizens and other Filipinos online, and ask: How did the COVID-19 pandemic change your life and the nation?

These people’s stories can give us a glimpse of the issues and challenges that Filipinos may face during this pandemic and show the state of the nation.

Record your interview, and add more questions to strengthen their response. Make sure to list down important details to get to know your subject better: their name, age and profession.

Step two: Take a photo or video

Make sure to get a photo of your subject or a horizontal video recording of their response in one minute or less using your phone, camera or laptop.

Step three: Submit!

You can send the photos, videos, captions, and other relevant information to Please put #StoryOfTheNation in the subject line of your email.

You can also send your entries via Facebook or Twitter. When submitting via social media, remember to use #StoryOfTheNation and make your post public.

To give you a glimpse of the #StoryOfTheNation campaign, here are some entries we’ve received so far:

Do you want your story to be heard as well? Send your entry to–