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[WATCH] BS Org: A year of remote friendships and org culture

[WATCH] BS Org: A year of remote friendships and org culture
Did school orgs – built on foundations of physical camaraderie and personal interaction – wither away because of the pandemic?

COVID-19 changed many things about being a student.

One of the most memorable aspects of college life is the student organization culture. Students forge new friendships and bond beyond the classroom while exploring things about a shared interest or passion. 

But students were thrust into an entirely new educational experience during the pandemic, which proved to be difficult for many. Extracurricular activities took on new forms under a remote setup.

Despite these unprecedented changes, student organizations remained active and members and leaders alike found new ways to make meaningful connections.

“Organizations and the culture that is within organizations all boils down to how you are able to connect and how you are able to establish that relationship with other people,” said Miko Bombeo, president of the Philippine Debate Union.

“The best thing about the online platform is that it taught us to become innovative, to become creative…. [when it comes to] how we can incorporate our advocacies and our causes in these platforms,” said Elaisha Losaria Pomida, a member of the University of San Agustin Little Theater.

In this video, members of student organizations share their experiences in keeping the org culture alive in an online setup. –

This video is co-produced by Rappler interns Janssen Lu, Joaquin Mercado, Jules Ignacio, Bea Pangandian, Maui Arcilla, Alec Templonuevo, and Joven Jacolbia.