INFOGRAPHIC: How old are Filipinos?
Why is the Philippines in a 'sweet spot'?

MANILA, Philippines –¬†Filipinos are slightly older. The median age increased to 23.4 in 2010 from 21.3¬† in 2000. Of the 92.1 million households in 2010, those who are under 15 years old accounted for 33% (30.7 million) and is broken down as follows: children below 5 years old comprised 11%; children aged 5 to 9 years accounted for 11.2%, and; those aged 10 to 14 years, another 11%.

Overall, women are slightly older (23.9 years old) than men (22.9). Those living in Metro Manila are the oldest, with median age of 25.5. Officials in business bank on this youthful population when they strategize for their products, while those in government trumpet about being in this “sweet spot” when they encourage investors to take advantage of both our labor and consumer pools.

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