Baste Duterte: ‘Let us continue the revolution’
Baste Duterte: ‘Let us continue the revolution’


The third child of Rodrigo Duterte says, 'Now is the time to move as a nation. We are talented, we are Filipinos, and we are gifted.'

MANILA, Philippines – Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, the third child of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, urged supporters of his father to continue the revolution that the presidential campaign started.

Speaking before a crowd that attended the thanksgiving party of his father Saturday night, June 4, in Davao City, the 28-year-old son of the incoming president said, “We have a chance to change our country. Let us build a better tomorrow for our children.”

There are 6 more years, he said, and these should not be taken for granted. The president-elect formally assumes office on June 30 and will be in power until 2022.

Speaking in Visayan, Baste Duterte said, “Let’s not settle for leaving our country this way. We’ve already elected a president we trust, let’s use our [chance.]”

The young Duterte thanked those who believed in his father and congratulated the Filipino people “for we have come to our senses. Nakapaglagay tayo ng presidente na alam natin yan ang kailangan ng bansa natin. (We were able to elect a president who is needed by our country.)

He also congratulated his own father, saying the time of the Filipino has come. He did not spend for his father’s campaign, according to Baste Duterte, but his father’s supporters did.

Addressing the crowd that stayed despite the pouring rain, he said in Visayan, “Magpasalamat lang ko sa tanan akong natuyok diri sa Pilipinas nga ni tu.o sa akong amahan. (I want to thank those who I was able to visit who believed in my father.) Dugay na ta nagpanganduy…hinahanap yung bansang pinapanaginip natin (We’ve been hoping and searching for a long time for the country that we’ve been dreaming of.)”

Influenced for too long by different cultures such as American and Chinese, and others, the young Duterte said “now is the time to move as a nation. We are talented, we are Filipinos, and we are gifted.”

Remember those who need help

Typically shunning the limelight, the father of two children said he would not have come to the thanksgiving party because no matter how much people celebrate, na.a gihapon ta’y mga igsuung gipang-gutom (we still have brothers and sisters who are hungry). Look at the marginalized. We are celebrating today.”

Clad in a simple T-shirt, shorts and slippers, he exhorted supporters, “Pero ayaw ninyo kalimti nga naay mga Pilipino nga kinahangla’g tabang. (But don’t forget that there are Filipinos who need help.)

“Tomorrow let us be good to one another. Magsugod na ta karon. Tanan mag sugod sa ato.a mga Pilipino. Mag hinigugmaay ta. (Let’s start now, everything starts with us, Filipinos. Let’s love each other.) Dili man sayon (It’s not easy),” he added.

He asked the crowd to patronize local talents and focus on Filipinos. “Magpaka-Pilipino ta kay Pilipino man ta (Let’s act like Filipinos because we are Filipinos).”

Admitting that he is a drinker and a smoker, he reminded supporters not to get caught. “That’s what’s important. If you break the rules, make sure you don’t get caught. If you get caught, accept the consequences,” he said in Visayan.

His father is known to enforce the law strictly. The Davao City mayor won the presidential campaign on an anti-crime and anti-drug platform. –

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