Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest accounts temporarily hacked

Victor Barreiro Jr.
OurMine Team claims it got the passwords for Zuckerberg's accounts from a recent LinkedIn password dump

HACKED. Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts are temporarily stolen by hackers.

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has accounts on Twitter and Pinterest, though he hasn’t used them in a while. Hackers, though, were able to gain access to and use his accounts.

A group called OurMine Team posted messages on Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest, Venturebeat reported Sunday, June 5 (Monday, June 6 in Manila).


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The group claimed it got the passwords for Zuckerberg’s accounts from a recent LinkedIn password dump.

Password and username data taken from around 100 million LinkedIn users back in 2012 were leaked online last May, prompting LinkedIn to urge users to change their passwords.

It appears Zuckerberg used the same password for his Twitter and Pinterest accounts as his LinkedIn password.

As of posting time, Twitter and Pinterest have brought back Zuckerberg’s accounts and taken down the offending messages from OurMine Team.

Twitter has also suspended OurMine Team’s Twitter account. –