WATCH: Duterte inaugurated as Philippine president
WATCH: Duterte inaugurated as Philippine president
Duterte asks fellow Filipinos to help him change the country as he begins his 6-year term

Change has come. At least in Malacañang Palace.

Rodrigo Duterte takes his oath as president of the Philippines, the country’s first chief executive from Mindanao.

Pia Ranada reports. –

“Relentless and sustained.”

This is how new Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte describes his fight against crime, drugs, and corruption during his roughly 15-minute inaugural speech.

Meanwhile, Benigno Aquino III takes his last few steps as Philippine president.

Malacañang Palace witnesses the change of guard, from one administration to the next.

It’s a simple, pared-down ceremony that sticks to the basics.

Around 600 guests composed of former presidents, lawmakers, and diplomats witness Duterte’s oath-taking ceremony.

Things take a sentimental turn when musician Freddie Aguilar sings a campaign song special to Duterte.

The new president’s 4 children play prominent roles in the ceremony.

Duterte’s inaugural message departs from his infamously winding campaign speeches.

He speaks mostly in English with some Filipino and Bisaya woven in.

He centers his message on bringing back public trust in government and asking fellow Filipinos to help him change the country.

RODRIGO DUTERTE, PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT: Erosion of faith and trust in government. That is the real problem that confronts us. Resulting there from, I see the erosion of the people’s trust in our country’s leaders, the erosion of faith in our judicial system, the erosion of confidence in the capacity of our public servants to make the people’s lives better, safer, and healthier. 

He then meets ambassadors before enjoying a few minutes of privacy with his family.

The inauguration day’s events formally end with the first meeting of President Duterte and his newly appointed Cabinet members.

The day’s events remind us how one man’s oath signals a new chapter for an entire country.

Pia Ranada, Rappler, Manila.

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