Estrada to Duterte: Push for nationwide curfew on minors
Estrada to Duterte: Push for nationwide curfew on minors
Former president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada makes the suggestion after the Supreme Court issued a TRO on curfew ordinances in Manila, Navotas City, and Quezon City

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte should push for a nationwide curfew on minors, former president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said a day after the Supreme Court stopped 3 Metro Manila cities from enforcing their curfew ordinances.

Estrada raised the proposal on Wednesday, July 27, as he directed Manila authorities to stop arresting minors for violating City Ordinance No. 8046 imposing a curfew on minors in the national capital.

On Tuesday, the High Court issued a temporary restraining order against the Manila ordinance, together with similar city ordinances in Navotas City and Quezon City.

According to a press statement from his office, Estrada made the suggestion when he was asked if there is a need to continue the implementation of the curfew. He agreed but said the initiative should come from the President himself.

“It would come from the President. When the President orders it, pass it to Congress, that’s it; we have to follow….I believe it should be the President [who should implement it] so it could be nationwide…with the cooperation of the local mayors,” he said.

When it was clear that he had won the presidency in May, Duterte had said that he would impose a curfew on minors and even jail parents of those who violate it.

Since Duterte announced his plan, some local governments had imposed and enforced a curfew on minors. On May 23, the Cebu provincial board approved the resolution supporting a 10 pm curfew for minors, effective June 30.

Estrada also clarified two points: it was then mayor Lito Atienza who approved the curfew ordinance in Manila in 2002, and that he was not aware that police actually detained curfew violators. He said as far as he knew, city authorities would round up street children and bring them to shelters.

Bautista: QC barangay ordinances not covered by TRO

Also on Wednesday, July 27, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista said that  barangay officials in his city can still enforce the curfew on minors of there are existing barangay ordinances.

Interviewed on dzMM, Bautista said the TRO only covers City Ordinance 2301 – 2014 or the Quezon City Discipline Hours for Minors ordinance.

Doon sa barangay level, kung mayroon silang ordinansang ganyan…they can actually enforce it (At the barangay level, if they have such ordinances…they can actually enforce it),” he said.

The SC issued the TRO on the city ordinances in response to the petition filed by youth group Samahan ng mga Progresibong Kabataan (Spark), seeking to declare as unconstitutional the ““vague, unjust, and repressive”curfew ordinances. It argued that these ordinances curtailed a person’s right to liberty and travel.

The petitioners, in particular, slammed the Manila curfew ordinance for violating the provisions of Republic Act 9344 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act as it imposes a curfew on minors and punishes violators. –

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