WATCH: Heightened security in Davao City after blast
WATCH: Heightened security in Davao City after blast
More law enforcers patrol the streets and conduct inspections on the first weekday since the deadly explosion

Three days after the Davao City blast that killed at least 14 people and injured dozens of others, the Monday rush hour tests the heightened security measures in the city.

Task Force Davao says there are now more personnel on duty.

Pia Ranada reports.

It’s the first weekday after the deadly Davao City blast.

People are going to work, Monday rush hour is back on the streets.

All this activity is a test for heightened security measures in the city. 

But there’s no let-up on the part of law enforcement agencies.

At the Santa Ana Port, a portal between Davao City and Samal Island, Task Force Davao members say the number of personnel on duty has increased.

Three security groups – the Coast Guard, police, and Task Force Davao – are conducting inspections of arriving and departing passengers.

On CP Garcia vans, buses, and other vehicles are being inspected by police.

CP Garcia is the highway connected to the Davao airport and land entry points between Davao City and the rest of Davao Del Norte.

This is the 3rd checkpoint these commuters have gone through so far but some don’t seem to mind the inconvenience.

GELITO GODMALIN JR, PASSENGER: It’s okay because it’s for our safety. It’s okay to go through the checkpoints. We work in Davao so we have to travel there everyday.

For police officer Cecil Mac Blanco, it’s tough work too but necessary because of the pressure put on security forces to keep Davao City safe from further harm.

CECIL BLANCO, DAVAO CITY POLICE: All over Davao City, we conduct checkpoints. In fact in our area, we are trying to check everyone, one by one, all the luggage and passengers. We check everything so nothing will go past us.

Law enforcement agencies are making their own sacrifices to implement President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of a “state of lawless violence.”

CECIL BLANCO, DAVAO CITY POLICE: We conduct checkpoints 24/7. We have 12-hour shifts. Even if we have to work under the heat of the sun, we’ll do it for the safety of the people of Davao.

Davao City and the rest of the country will have to get used to some changes even as they try to move on from the Friday explosion.

Pia Ranada, Rappler, Davao City. 

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